Kingdom Rework - Pan's Vale

My Faunessa is still 3:1 for the life boost, and they mention ‘at 1/3 scale’ in the OP… so is it supposed to be 1:1 or 3:1?


Going off memory, here, before adding the ‘give life to all allies’ part of the spell, I believe Faunessa’s ratio used to read 1:1 to reflect damage:‘enemy attack’.

@EliteMasterEric may have left it unchanged; my Faunessa in-game is reading 3:1 at the moment, as well (so both could be ‘correct’, so to speak, just referring to different things).

My Faunessa’s base amount of life given seems to be at Magic+1, rather than Magic/2, but it could be that @EliteMasterEric hasn’t had time to update it since this:

Thanks: was wondering if the version we have now is the final one: because yesterday I faced a 1:1, and wanted to know what was going on, and whether the mythic version had a better ration than my epic version.


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It’s quite the exception. I don’t think devs put them so that players could use it through random status effects…

I just remind that Pan’s Vale was announced ages ago with a special effect (Dev Q & A (3.5 Update, Monday 2/7/18) - #125 by Lyrian).


3 troops so far, carpinicous, piper, styr.
4 if you count dark dyrad.

Excuse me? Have Queen Aurora and her twin sister Queen Aurora fallen out of favor?

They were more fairly treated than the oft-denigrated Wild Queen, whom basically nobody liked before. And also, QA has been replaced by TPK in so many teams because splosions. Sorry, unicorn fans.