Kingdom Rework - Pan's Vale

You’ve been been waiting (im)patiently and it is finally here, the Pan’s Vale Kingdom Rework! Please be aware that this rework will appear in-game today before Daily Reset. Without further ado, here are the changes.

Originally published at: Kingdom Rework – Pan’s Vale – Gems of War

New Spell Term

* Shift – steal a Skill Point and add it to a different Skill.


* Spell now steals 2 Armor and shifts it to Magic
* Nature Spirit trait changed to Swift

War Goat

* Mana cost reduced from 7 to 6

Blade Dancer

* Spell now steals Magic from a random Enemy
* Siege Trait changed to Alert

Satyr Musician

* Spell now targets the first 2 Enemies
* Spell now steals Magic from Enemies as well as Silencing them


* Spell boost ratio increased from 3 to 7
* Fey Slayer trait changed to Song of Light


* Nature Brand trait changed to Fey Touch


* Mana cost increased from 8 to 12
* Spell now gives Life to all Allies, boosted by damage dealt (at 1/3 scale)
A small mistake went out with Faunessa. So we’re going to reduce the boost from the “Give Life” part of her spell. We’ll also be reverting her Magic scaling.


* Mana Cost reduced from 13 to 12
* Fast trait moved to 2nd Trait
* Wildfolk Shield changed to Mana Shield, and is now the 3rd Trait


* Troop type change from Beast to Beast/ Wildfolk
* Spell now deals double damage to Knights, with a chance to Devour Knights
* Beast Bond trait changed to Thick Hide

King Silenus

* Spell now Steals magic from affected Enemies

The Wild Queen

* Green + Skull Gem creation increased from 16 to 22

Pan’s Vale rework will appear in the game before Daily Reset today.


Pretty good, some decent upgrades but not too much to well, SHIFT the meta too much either. Bunni’nog finally getting some true knight killing capabilities. I still think the Holy symbol weapon should automatically do lethal damage to it though.


Also now that Pan’s vale is out of the way…
For my fellow Pundit, @Razzagor, when Wild Plains getting its rework?

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You don’t release the patch before GW, but you do balance changes in the middle of GW. Amazing. :grinning:

While I appreciate this rework, I’m not sure it needed to take over a half of a year to do it. (more, I think?)


So since some of these troops may be used during GW:

What happens when they fight them using an outdated client?
What happens if they go to use 1 with an outdated client??

Will the game crash and cause issues like it has in the past during GW when troop changes have occurred??

I guess then it’d be working as intended.

Excluding pre-change values and not including trait descriptions makes this breakdown hard to read. Here’s my rewrite:


  • Satyr (Common): Spell changed from “Deal [Magic + 4] damage to the last Enemy. Gain an extra turn.” to “Steal 2 Armor from an Enemy and Shift it to Magic. Deal [Magic + 4] damage to the last Enemy. Gain an extra turn.” Final trait “Gain 1 Magic for each Green ally.” changed to “Start battles with 75% Mana.”
  • War Goat (Common) Mana cost changed from 7 to 6.
  • Nymph (Rare) No changes.
  • Piper (Rare) No changes.
  • Siren (Rare) No changes.
  • Trickster (The Warrens) (Rare) No changes.
  • Blade Dancer (Ultra-Rare) Spell changed from “Deal [Magic + 4] damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all enemy Armor. [2:1]” to “Steal ??? Magic from a random Enemy. Deal [Magic + 4] damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all enemy Armor. [2:1]” First trait “Allies gain 2 Attack when invading in PvP” changed to “Immunity to Silence”.
  • Bunnicorn (The Warrens) (Ultra-Rare) No changes.
  • Nyx (Ultra-Rare) No changes.
  • Satyr Musician (Ultra-Rare) Spell changed from “Deal [Magic + 2] damage to 2 random enemies and silence them.” to “Steal ??? Magic from the first 2 enemies, and deal [Magic + 2] damage to them.”
  • Caprinicus (Epic) No changes.
  • Elwyn (Epic) Spell changed from “Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 6] damage to a random enemy, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. [3x]” to “Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 6] damage to a random enemy, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. [7x]” with an increased boost ratio. Second trait changed from “Deal double Skull damage vs Fey” to “Summon a Lightstorm at the start of Battle.”
  • Faunessa (Epic) Spell changed from “Deal damage to an enemy equal to their Attack. Gain [Magic] Life. [1:1]” to “Deal damage to an enemy equal to their Attack. All allies gain [Magic/2] Life, boosted by damage dealt. [1:1]” Mana cost has now been increased from 8 to 12.
  • Lapina Knight (The Warrens) (Epic) No changes.
  • Nax (Epic) Mana cost decreased from 13 to 12. Rather than having “Allied Wildfolk gain 2 Armor.” and “Start battle with 50% Mana” as its second and third traits, it now has “Start battle with 50% Mana” and “Immunity to Mana Burn, Mana Drain and Mana Steal.” in those respective slots.
  • Sylvasi (Epic) First trait “Gain 1 Attack for each Green ally.” changed to “Faerie Fire enemies when doing Skull damage.”
  • Bunni’Nog (Legendary) Gains the Wildfolk troop type. First trait changed from “Allied Beasts gain 2 Life.” to “Reduce damage from Skulls by 20%.” Spell changed from “Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if the enemy is a Knight. Gain 4 Attack and Life.” to “Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an enemy. If the Enemy is a Knight, deal double damage, and there’s a 50% chance to devour them. Gain 4 Attack and Life.”
  • King Silenus (Legendary) Spell changed from “Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy, boosted by Wildfolk allies, and half of that damage to adjacent enemies. Burn all enemies. [6x]” to “Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy, boosted by Wildfolk allies, and half of that damage to adjacent enemies, and steal ??? Magic from them. Burn all enemies. [6x]”
  • Luna (The Warrens) (Legendary) No changes.
  • The Silent One (Legendary) No changes.
  • The Wild Queen (Mythic) Spell changed from “Steal up to [Magic + 5] Attack from an Enemy, and give it to your first Ally. Create a mix of 16 Skulls and Green Gems. [1:1]” to “Steal up to [Magic + 5] Attack from an Enemy, and give it to your first Ally. Create a mix of 22 Skulls and Green Gems. [1:1]”

All these changes appear to be pretty good buffs. Elwyn is definitely now a early-game powerhouse, especially with that nice new trait. Faunessa seems like an interesting Life booster now, especially when facing teams with enemies that have high Attack. Bunni’Nog now benefits from King Silenus’ trait, if you care about that.

I’m certainly interested in the change to The Wild Queen. Her unique trait is still trash but her spell certainly has gained a LOT of consistency from this change, I think. I’ll have to find a good Skull team to test her with (shouldn’t be too hard since she can use Brown) and see if she’s moved up in my Tier List.

A couple of the numbers might be wrong, I can fix them when the changes go live.


The troop changes happen on the server side, so this shouldn’t be an issue. The client won’t be able to play if its troops are not updated.

Did @Saltypatra write this post? XD

The amount of salt is strong. :stuck_out_tongue:


We really needed Thick Hide trait because Armored was too strong :smiley:

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Maaaaybe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work! Thanks for that.
More reworking of cards following?
I hope so!

Well, some of these are good buffs. Wild Queen definitely needed it and man is it a huge buff. Cursory tests put her at a lot more consistent, at a trade off of getting less distinct skull hits when she lands sometimes because the board is so full that they link up into massive chains. Definitely viable in certain setups and she might actually be good now (but her trait is still garbage, and a lot of stuff still counters green for whatever reason). Faunessa has an actual role in a team now with quite a big buff, to the point of possibly being a staple in scaled content teams. Elwyn, who was already pretty good early game, is now far more likely to deal lethal hits even on a hero during early game. Also has a starting storm available from traits on a (at least currently) readily available Arcane traitstone.

Satyr Musician probably didn’t need the steal magic buff because silence, but at least now it targets predictably and is less annoying on defense when it (sparsely) appears - this might actually be a nerf to how it was used. Mana Shield on Nax and Fey Touch on Sylvasi were nice little buffs but they might not be all that impactful to their respective kits or give them additional viability in certain teams. Satyr’s armor steal shift to magic sets it apart a bit more from Goblin by allowing it to ramp on damage a bit as an early game troop, which is nice, because it makes the choice between the two a bit more divergent.

A couple… didn’t change much. The steal magic tacked onto these spells helps with ramping and suppression on paper, but, because neither keeps the turn, likely not to any significant degree in either PvP (battles end too quick and doesn’t suppress fast enough) or scaled content (ramping is too slow). Blade Dancer is still going to get progressively (significantly) worse with each cast as he tears through armor and reduces his boost ratio and Silenus still needs multiple casts to threaten lethal, to which the 1-3 magic gained most likely wont even matter either late game (eats a lethal spell chain after dropping the turn) or early/mid game (likely outright lethal or the magic gain doesn’t reach a break point where you need one less cast to kill). I don’t think Blade Dancer was ever really “dealt with” by silencing it, either, but the Alert trait at least makes sense thematically. I can only really see these as being slightly more annoying to deal with on defense in things like Pet Rescue, if you are using slower teams.

The one that stands out as being left in the cold is Bunni-Nog. Why does it, post rework, still have a spell power comparable to several very similar* Epic troops but costs more mana? Its not like the troop type it covers (not to mention two lower spell damage) really warrants this and it didn’t really gain any significant synergy here (it already had “Fast”, so it doesn’t really care about Silenus). And it loses its small, but guaranteed, attack and life gain in the deal as well? Thick Hide helps a bit if you want to skull bash your way through knight teams, I guess, but it won’t be saved if it fails consecutive devours. With the base spell damage this troop has, even a triple damage spell vs knights wouldn’t be lethal on first hit if it didn’t devour. Either that, or higher devour chance may have been in order here for such a hyper-specialized troop. This rework probably also means we never get a “Knight Nosher”.

*Dragon Cruncher, Elf Eater, Gob-Chomper, Monster Muncher, not counting other conditional devourers like Gelatinous Cube and Bulette

tl;dr: Not really what I was expecting from a kingdom “rework”, it is mostly three significant buffs (two being just numbers, only one real “rework”) with a bunch of minor stuff tacked on to existing spells that doesn’t really change how the troops are used, add any new significant synergies, or introduce new board mod. Happy for the couple big changes that actually matter to me (including what is essentially a “new mythic” to play around with), but otherwise kind of disappointed.

please buff Wild Plains*
*With actual significant spell reworks


Thanks for buffing The Wild Queen, my favorite underrated mythic!

So devs added a new spell term to give it to only one troop? :thinking:


Shift happens. :wink:


It’s not too uncommon. Bless/Curse existed long before there was even one troop that featured them, you had to use a “random status effect” ability to do either.

The silver lining here is “the devs are introducing spell terms instead of writing out what abilities do”. This represents a new emphasis on consistency, something the game has lacked for a long time. If every troop with this particular ability uses the word “shift”, that’s also a lot smaller surface area for translation mistakes.


Devs get a lot of crap, and it’s mostly deserved. But reworking older troops is amazing and much needed. Thanks, devs!

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Copy Mr.Biceps. I hope we will see a lot more of these reworks in the future. Much needed!

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