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Kingdom Pass - not enjoying it

They should just had the very same drop rate as other Battlecrashers have had in the past. Which were closer to 70ish % or something. It might have helped a little.

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Another thing that happens when they force everyone to play every F day is their servers can’t handle it so the game slows down so much it’s trash.


How many weeks more we need to suffer? :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: Please increase the spawn rate a bit more @Kafka.


Agree with everyone else - super tedious, needs an overhaul.


I didn’t manage to finish the daily delve event yesterday because the battlecrashers after 5 took so bloody long to find. It was kind of fun for the first week… I’m no longer enjoying this event and really don’t want to do it for another 4 weeks. It’s not doing anything to encourage me to log on every day, that’s for sure.


Agree. Did not get a chance to even start the delve since the battlecrashers took 72 battles to find all ten.

This has to be one of the worst events - agree with everything above around the forced grind - play PVP or Explore for a massive amount of time EVERY day - miss a day, and you screwed. Also there is no counter on how many you have achieved each day which would be a huge QOL improvement. Of course its optional, but then you don’t get the new troops, and will be months until you get them via other means


Totally agree, this is the most boring event I can recall. Please go back to the drawing board for the next one

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With each update this game get further and further away from what once it made it so fun and enjoyable to play and it becomes more and more of nothing but a mictrotransaction filled grindfest that is so boring it’s beyond any mobile freemium game I have ever played.

I quit the game once when the medals were introduced and the Geoff achievement came out. As it was such a boring grind for souls and medals, playing nothing but explore all the time. And the majority of the guild I was in, including the guildmaster, all stopped playing as well. And without an active guild where everyone is participating, this game is 1000 times more of grindfest to get anything.

I started playing again about 6 months later and came back to a dead guild (i was still in it to my surprise) but everyone had the “zzzzs” next to their name and hadn’t come back. If I hadn’t find a another active guild, I probably would have quit for good.

Since then though, each update has felt like that game is getting worse and worse and is more microtransaction focused than ever. I hate all these special gems, the ever increasing amount of new items to grind out (trait stones, deeds, chaos shards, verses, jewels, pet food, ingots, etc etc), the kingdom pass is the worst with this daily battlecrashers in only 2 modes, each update brings yet another broken element to the game that doesn’t get fixed or even acknowledged unless it affects the money being spent in the store, and I hate how cluttered the screen is now. I want so many of the things on the main screen gone.

Get rid of the Shrine, Flash/Upgrade Offer, and Offers tab from the main screen and put them all in the Shop. The Adventure board has it’s own block under Games, does it really need it’s own tab on the side of the screen? Why wasn’t the Kingdom Pass also made into a tab? Why does it have it’s own icon on the map instead? RT or LT don’t do anything you could have made it a tab just like the Campaign.

Personally I think the game is over-saturated with content now and there is just so much to do. It should have stopped updating at TU 9 (3.5) and everything after this should have just been Gems of War 2 with the Underworld as the only main map and no Krystara.


It’s not that bad if you getnkre than 7 a day. You can miss a few days, actually.

Doesn’t make it any more enjoyable or fun.

In theory, you could also spend 100 gems - but they seem to have forgotten about fixing and unblocking that one…

@Kafka Next time, please ask the real questions:

  • How would you feel to grind for battlecrashers over several weeks?
  • Would having to get more battlecrashers be fun?

Please alleviate some of the pain of that grind.

Plus it’s extremely that there’s no daily counter so if we didn’t get exactly 10 one day, we have to keep track on our own (whose clever design choice was that?). Should at least have gotten some sort of marking to indicate we can’t find any more that day.


Obligatory reminder that for the first 4 years after IP2’s acquisition, their compensation is based on how well GoW does financially.

From the press release on the Digital Bros website:

The devs are not our friends. They’re being actively incentivized to do this.


Anyone else notice the little crown on the new 0/5 counter looks like :fu:

Just a coincidence I’m sure

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Absolutely agree with everything said here. Our guild lost someone who had been with us since 2018 (quit the game entirely).

On average it takes 47 battles to get 10 crowns (sample size: 51). The options are either PvP or explore (generally 1 or 12). PvP is ok when leveling the new class, but is terrible on Wednesday when a Pet Rescue is already running. Explore 12 has great benefits, but 47 battles takes roughly 25 minutes for someone with an optimal Explore 12 team running as fast as they can. Explore 1 takes less time, but the rewards are terrible (outside of Gnome hunting for a vault weekend). And you know what event isn’t included in the 35 Day Kingdom Pass? A vault weekend.

That none of the other things you want to do daily (Adventure Board, Dungeon, Delves, Faction Assault/Class Trial/Pet Rescues/Weekly Event/etc) means that all of these battles are purely additive on top of everything else you feel obliged to do each day. Most of the things that feel grindy are on a weekly cadence (Campaigns, Weekly Event, etc), and you can mix them in when you have free time during the week.

The only upside is that after 25 days of maxing 10 crowns/day you’re finally done and don’t have to do it anymore, which is what makes the final downside the craziest. For those that paid the $8 for the Royal Pass, they have to either keep going all 35 days at 10 crowns/day, or stop short and “lose” some of the content they ostensibly paid for. Running this during a busy time of the year with travel, and stacking this on top of an already running paid Campaign Pass is just nuts to me. Speaking of which, there’s no extra work required of those that purchase the Campaign Pass, which seems like it’d be the precedent for this system.

That this occurred just a few weeks after the Flesh Horror battlecrasher daily requirements has me worried about just how much daily time keeping up with Gems is going to consume, and whether I’m willing to keep up with it.


I liked the battlecrasher - initially. But after almost 2 weeks of daily hunting it feels very very much like a chore. I collected every crown every day but now I’m done. It takes to much time from things I’d rather do than play GoW. So what? I don’t get some treasure maps or weapons or troops, I don’t really care. I can get those when Nexus is event kingdom again or with luck from chests in 2-3 months time… It is a game that should be fun, not make you forsibly stay longer else to lead to believe you’ll miss out on rewards.

(not a native speaker, so hopefully my english ist understandable)


Most would agree with me when I say “The best feature of the game was that the players could play at their own pace”. With so many grind-dependant features released off late, I think the game has lost that particular characteristic. This is what makes Kingdom Pass feels like a chore. We already do “daily chores” in the game to get that orb on the 28th day of the month.


Am I missing something? There are 5 more levels on the royal pass, so 3 extra days should complete the pass. 25 + 3 = 28 days, not 35.

But either way, add me to the list of the people with buyers remorse over this royal pass. I dread even more playing Gems daily now, because I know I have to add up to 45 min or so of mindless level 1 explore (yes it took that long yesterday) before I can even start the other daily activities. Last week, with the journey and guild wars, I barely had time to do it all. And once again, I paid extra for this! So much for supporting the game.

Maybe the devs, if they see this thread, would consider upping the spawn rate of the battlecrashers so it isn’t so painful. How about 15 a day max, with no delay after the first 5? Just give us the 15 and be done. Then, if we want to enjoy some holiday family time during the next few weeks, we can take a few days off from the royal pass grind.

This is an excellent summary of why this crown battlecrasher crap feels so awful.

It’s an extra mechanic that serves no purpose at all beyond using FOMO to enforce a given amount of daily activity.

They really should just give a weekly cap of X crowns and let us earn them whenever we want.


It is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I think you are. They are repeatable as far as I recall.

I think the problem is that all game modes from devs are noncompetitive. Campagn - boring grind. Kingdom pass - boring grind. Even gnomes are boring grind, but with rather substantional rewards.

But the real interest could be done only in competitive activity. For example, a fight against some kind of boss, when each battle is harder than previous on 5-10 lvls. The winner would be the one who’ll climb higher level without battle loss (or, maybe, one loss, for the cases of network problems). And two ratings - personal and collaborative guild one (the sum of the 27 best high levels, reached by guild members). The fight could be done by fixed weapons/troops etc., smth like this. Not as much activity required, but itll be more vivid thing than catching that dudes with crowns.