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Kingdom Pass - not enjoying it

The kingdom pass grind is what actually finally got me to create an account and post here after years of lurking. The daily added grind is making me really resent the game. The new drop rate isn’t making much of a difference to my gameplay experience, and the thought of doing this every day for the next few weeks, and potentially multiple more times for additional kingdoms has me seriously considering stopping playing. Please come up with something better, that also actually informs me in game that I have capped out for the day.


I will not be purchasing the kingdom pass again. Why? I spend so I don’t have to grind. My time is money. If you want to limit to 2 per day fine. The people paying should get that without grinding. The people not paying can grind. I do not want to be tied to game daily if I paid.


Ironically this is just like the Campaign pa$$. All it does is offer better rewards. The player still has to grind everything out or the money is wasted.


Actually it’s not. You can do campaign at your leisure. This you have to be tied to the game daily. Some folks without jobs don’t mind. Some folks without jobs do mind because they are yet again losing player and have to recruit from a shrinking player base. I even saw one B1 GW guild lose 2 players on day 1 of wars. They got push to B2 most likely for that reason. It wasn’t my guild but I have not seen that in a while. Most folks have limited time each day and don’t want another thing they have to do to keep up when they are already playing. If folks were complaining that were not buying pass I would say open your wallet if you don’t want to grind.


I was referring to the “pay to skip grind” aspect. The Campaign pa$$ lets you choose when to grind, yes, but you still have to grind all of it or you miss out.

I do still agree that the enforced daily grind is asinine. But, it’s also just proof positive that they’re pushing engagement. They want to show a net gain in the average time spent in the game because that’s more opportunities to buy their crap. And it’s got me waffling a bit…sure, spamming L1 explores is brainless-easy, but it’s still time I’d rather spend on something else (on the days when I actually have the time to begin with) and it’s still supporting an absolutely scummy business practice.

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The big difference between Campaign and Kingdom Pass is that Campaign grind mostly integrates in daily activities anyways. So you do have some “extra grind” (as for me, it is Explore and Arena for most parts), but that is a single, short quest only. It isn’t like Kingdom Pass where that extra grind is daily for a couple of weeks with a ridiculous high time requirement…


That’s not true in my opinion. My daily activities are continuously interrupted by campaign chores wanting me to dress up in a different clown suit, no integration happening, just inconveniencing at best and blocking at worst.

‘Do it again, but wear a red nose this time.’
‘I said we’re NOT doing the Adventure Board just yet!’
‘Do a handstand in Adana and clap your feet in the air.’
‘Oh, you don’t want to wear this pink tutu while exploring in Merlantis? That’ll be 50 gems.’

Those who started on day one needed to average 7.15 crashers per day to complete the free tiers in the allotted 35 days. People who started later now need to farm more. If you got 10 every day, including today, then you only need 5.95 crashers per day going forward. Takes me 6-8 minutes for the first 7 crashers. I can see how that’s too much time commitment for some but is probably acceptable to most.

It would be better if the limit wasn’t 10 per day but 70 per week, letting you play whenever is most convenient for you.


I managed two days with trying to get the crowns…

I would agree IF I could do the campaign tasks in any order. But we are forced to do them in specific order, thus they DON’T integrate nicely.

But one thing they do have over the kingdom pass is that I can finish them all in one day if I so choose, and then be done with them for the rest of the week.
Kingdom Pass offers no such luxury. It also doesn’t offer any catchup methods. It forces you to grind every single day until you are done or risk losing out, because we can’t know if something unexpected happens in our future which prevents us from playing.

And that makes the KP a bad design.


The fact that it doesn’t integrate into daily adventure boards, dungeon, delves, or guild events means this is all tacked-on grind. I have been grinding for 45 minutes and have 9. That’s on top of my usual daily engagement. It’s irritating. If I wanted to do explore for an hour, I would. It’s also completely random and unbound, meaning it can take 10 minutes or hours to get through. It’s just a bad mode that, while driving engagement in the short term, is likely to drive people away in the long term.


Have to agree with the comments the grind is driving people away.

The game used to be a cool strategy based card collection game. Now it’s an rng based grind.

I turn people away from the game now also, it’s not that much fun anymore. I’ve spent too many years playing this game to quit yet, but it’s on the cards.


Beautiful description of what a once great game has degenerated too:
“Oh, you don’t want to wear this pink tutu while exploring in Merlantis? That’ll be 50 gems.”
[/quote] or in crass language: The kingdom rort suxs.

In suxs : with or without buying your way though it. Which thankfully we can’t today -besides that would double sux.

What a greed based approach now frames the game. And to boot - its bugged & a blatant FOMO rip-off.

In campaign you pay your $10 and you are done. This garbage you pay and they still have their damn hand out. Way worse rewards too. Other than the pet perhaps what else in it is any good. What if you go on vacation or it’s Christmas or a holiday and don’t want to include Gems in that. Cough up more money or lose what you already paid. Dumb AF. I won’t put up with this kind of ransom. I just won’t buy it to begin with. This way if I get the rug taken out from under me I at least won’t lose my money I already spent. I already know several that only play the week of guild wars because they hate the rest of the game. They are missing some of the troops in campaign and now kingdom pass but still putting up 56 or 57k in wars so I guess that stuff wasn’t needed anyway.

I think its bugged now. I’ve done all 10 every day but now it won’t give me the tenth one today after 10 explore runs since the 9th. Don’t trust this event at all the longer it goes on

We just had a long-standing member quit the game altogether over the forced daily grind… :frowning:


Sad to hear. Was it forced tho? Could just had skipped it, but I guess that he/she paid for the pass and this was the very last tear in the glass?

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He quoted “mental health reasons”, stating that the daily grind is becoming unhealthy for him and the game stopped being fun. I can’t say I disagree, to be honest. The forced daily grind was fun for a week during the Halloween event; but now… we’re only half-way through the second week of the 5-week kingdom pass and it’s becoming a bother, not a fun thing to do :frowning:


One thing they could have done imo is adding the crown reward to any random troop instead of making it a battlecrasher that replaces a troop. I understand that it’s more difficult to implement but this way we can at least get it from ALL game modes instead of forcing us to spam boring Explore (or PvP).

I always try to do all my dailies, but in all of those modes, the battlecrasher can’t spawn and I find myself “done” at the end of the day without a single crown. Because of this, I already missed out on some crowns, which is simply stupid.

Edit: the OP mentions a similar idea btw. Didn’t mean to steal it, just didn’t completely read the post.

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If we could at least find them everywhere, not just in two modes…

But hey, we can skip levels for gems if we want. Oh, wait… No, actually, we can’t. Silly me. And we don’t know if they’re ever going to restore that option (that is, BTW, overpriced).

3 days of grinding for two battlecrashers with 7 days to do it = fun

More grinding for more battlecrashers over a way longer period of time = opposite of fun

The whole pass is alps filled with so much insignificant fluff. You could have made it 2 weeks long with people grinding maximum being done in 1 week or so.

We lost 7 players over 2 guilds because of them being tired of all this…


@Dwuemka I can’t say I disagree. I had to stop with maxing factions (outside the event) as well as it drove me mad, really mad.

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