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Kicked from guild and can’t join new ones

Alright so I returned to the game a few weeks ago and joined a guild and was playing daily and hitting the weekly requirements. I went on holiday last week and I checked beforehand in the guild chat that this would be ok and was told it was and let them know when I would be back. However I got back today to find not only was a kicked out anyway but for some reason I can’t rejoin that guild or any other. I would say I’m a casual player more than hardcore but I play daily and contribute to tasks etc as well as the guild weekly events. So what do I do now? I liked the guild I was in as it was in the top 60-80 of rankings and relatively active so it’s disappointing to not only not be able to get back into that guild but for some reason it keeps saying most others I click are invite only or contact guild leader (which I can’t seem to do on a Nintendo switch).

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Global chat is probably your best bet. I found several decent guilds that way, and discovered a few guilds to avoid as well. Bring a torch tho, there may be trolls about. Those are the guilds to avoid.

Good luck to you.

Edit: Also something to keep in mind for future reference: Only the Guild Leader has the power to demote/kick. So make sure that is who is promised you.

I still hate this “feature” @Kafka.