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I demoted a guildmaster

Hi everyone, I have a question and I would like some feedback from everyone, so here it goes:

I have been in a Guild on Nintendo Switch for around 550 days, almost since the guild had been started, it was started about 2 years ago. It seemed that the GuildMaster created his guild with his 2 friends. this is all well and good, they seemed to have donated a lot of gold and time in the game when they first started.

skip ahead to about 2-3 weeks ago. The 2 “friends” of the guild master haven’t played in like a year or so. donated nothing in that time, not logged on, and they have the ZZZ symbols for being inactive. ok but whatever, cant do anything about it, but I’m active more than anyone in the guild, never missed a day in the entire 550+ days I have played.

Now at that time also the guildmaster went inactive for the 21 days and now had the ZZZ symbol. I’m getting irritated because it was only me and about 2-3 others who were donating to tasks and doing literally anything in the guild, we had a lot of leachers and no one helping. I asked multiple times in chat to let me kick people or do something so I can improve the guild…nothing ever happened.

So skip ahead a week later (I gave it a week). I was the highest ranked person in the guild, so I demoted the guildmaster, made myself guildmaster, and then kicked almost everyone EXCEPT the original guildmaster (haven’t went that far yet lol), and his 2 friends. also left some of the loyal people in there who were doing their part no matter what also. I promoted some of those people, and kicked everyone else.

My question is this: Should I feel bad for doing this? I mean I think I gave it enough time for them to come back and play. also should I kick them completely out of the guild and open up spots? i raised the level requirement and gold and trophy requirements also, seemed to work some. Now people are actually donating and we are at least hitting the 10,000 weekly seal chest, before we were barely hitting the 5000 chest…

any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks everyone in advance.


You are serving the interests of those actually still playing the game, so as far as I’m concerned you did the right thing by maximizing joy — those not on the game won’t care about being guildless, those who are on the game will appreciate getting more accomplished.

And the fewer dead guilds clogging the ranks, the better, I say. So feel good :+1:


So, usually only the GM can kick, but if they become inactive the next highest rank gets the permissions of the GM or what? I’m kinda confused.

But besides my confusion, I think you did the right thing, totally inactive and super slacking ppl have no business in a guild that tries to be active and successful.


You had two ways (excluding doing nothing at all): either leave that half-dead guild and look for an active one, or become a new leader and do what you consider to be right. That’s up to you. People who lose interest in the game almost always forget to leave their guilds and hang until a caring guildmaster will kick them out. Of course, it’s good to ask them firstly about their plans and their engagement level, but if all you hear from them is silence, then just kick and have no regrets.


correct, i was the highest ranked that was active, so I got the ability to kick ONLY the ones who were ZZZ inactive. I i had to demote the guildmaster to be able to kick others.


thanks everyone for the replies. I believe i did the right thing, and hopefully we can start to rank back up and become more active.


“If your Guild Leader is inactive for at least 21 Days, the highest ranking active members are able to demote the Guild Leader and promote themselves to Leader.”

This policy seems specifically designed for the situation OP found themselves in: to resuscitate a guild that’s dying because the GM has lost the interest or time or ability to lead.

I don’t think you should feel bad; your guild needed someone to step up and take responsibility and you did. I suspect also your absent GM might be quite relieved, if/when they return, to find that someone else took on the job.

I am struggling with the “when do I kick the inactive founders of the guild” question myself; they transferred GM to me before they stepped away temporarily to focus on health and work issues, but I suspect that the reality is that they’re never coming back. For now, given that we’re a casual guild, I can afford to carry a couple of inactive legacy spots; gonna have to kick them at some point though :frowning:


this is exactly the spot I am in. I didn’t kick them from the guild (the original GM and his 2 friends it seems, because they have all 3 been in from the conception of the guild). Thank you for the reply also.

im trying to do what i can to get the guild going again.

Sounds to me like you need to find a more active guild. You won’t regret it. Being in a full active guild makes such a huge difference to rewards.


No, you shouldn’t feel bad at all. If the others were gone for so long they probably moved on.

However, you might want to consider to look for an active guild or guild family and take the contributing members with you.


I thought of the same suggestion too, at first. But he had played in that guild for so long that he wishes to remain loyal to it. I see nothing wrong in it as much as he taking leadership of it.

@Neckbeard You are a good leader, I’d say, mate. Have fun gemming. But if you are fine with changing to another active guild, I suggest you take @Fleg 's advice. You may not know how much an active guild gives you yet.


Dont feel bad. You are active, they are not playing… just clean up the guild and make room for active people. Also… rule as you find it fitting → it’s your guild now :wink:

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If they cared to stay, they would have notified everyone about their situation. If they could not notify due to health issues then thats a tougher call. I gave my gm a month after the inactive icon appeared before I asked the next highest rank to take over. I left when that request was ignored.

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@Neckbeard I don’t know if this is the done thing here but I am not a cut throat recruiter, but your post struck a nerve as I really hate inactives but at the same time don’t want to run an overbearing “second job” guild.

We’ve got two spots open at The Warrior’s Retreat. We’re coming up on a year old and just about to break into the top 600 Guilds in the game. We have a good, active Discord (optional) and have a good mix of senior and more junior players (though even most of our juniors are 1000+ now!). We ask 500k Gold per week, participation to use up at least all free sigils in events and level 400+. No tolerance of inactive players unless previously excused (we’re not total bastards if you have something going on in RL for a week or two).

If you get sick of chasing the zeroes, PM me here mate. I won’t try to oversell it here in case that’s overbearing or rude in someone else’s thread.

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They are on Switch

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Doh! I missed that important part! Thanks for the ‘heads up’. :+1:

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You did the right thing if you felt already comfortable in the guild you are in. I did this same thing roughly 2 years ago in the guild I run now. Never regretted the decision. It shows you have initiative. And dead guilds are a problem in this game so if another one can be salvaged over starting a new one, even better yet.