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Kerberos Exploit

So technically this isn’t an exploit but it’s super problematic and not what I think the Devs had in mind.

I just battled someone that had 4 Kerberos’ troops.

With a 25 percent chance to summon a Warg when a troop dies, I ended up killing more than 20 troops before I finally won the battle.

4X each with 25 percent means the first kill is going to summon one for sure.
3X for the second kill means 75% chance.

3 times I managed to take out the top troop and get the enemy down to three troops (with a summoned Warg on top) only to kill the Warg and have two Wargs summon it’s place.

This was almost an endless loop of troops and not any fun.

Maybe make it so only 1 Kerberos has a chance to summon if in a party of more than 1 or put some limit on the number of time it can summon.

The two main Official News threads both have big discussions of this bug.

The bug has been around for a while, like on Silent One, but now its causing a problem.

I expect the developers are looking at it.

I just fought this as well, except mine kept reanimating the dead Wargs…total suckfest…or it was the Kerebos bug that kept activating whenever a Warg died.

Just to get something clear 4 kerberos don’t have 100% chance to summon a Warg when one of them dies. 25% are not additiv that’s not how chance works. Statistically speaking with 4 kerberos theres 31% chance they wont summon a troop when one of them dies.


As I noted in another thread, the 4-Kerb team I just fought brought back 4 wargs at a time around twenty times in a row until I finally gave up and quit. So regardless of how the math should work, it really seems to be 100% right now.

Well that isn’t what’s happening.

As far as I can tell the code would.

  1. RNG to determine if 2nd Kerb would summon.
  2. RNG to determine if the 3rd Kerb would summon.
  3. RND to determine if the 4th Kerb would summon.

If the RNG activated more than once, it will actually summon more than one troop. I had this happen to me several times.

Not sure how you get 31% chance.

25% once
25% twice
25% thrice

Regardless, it’s not triggering correctly. It’s more like it summons 90 percent of the time.

The odds of one or more occurance of an independent event with a 25% probability over three trials is:

1 - ((1 - 0.25)^3) = 0.6836

or about 68%.

@DonBoba is correct, even if it was worded oddly.


Do we have clarity yet on whether this is a coding bug or a balance issue?

If the traits are now functioning correctly (not sure; it was still malfunctioning for me last night) then we might have a balance worry if everyone just sits four Kerberos on defence, and likely a nerf needed. Having the Wargs self-revive as well as Kerberos summon them probably amounts to too much.

Stunning them helps a bit (though we also know of bugs when stunned troop traits activate when they die).

So either @sirrian we get balance tweaks or expect four Kerberos battles full time until a counter is invented?

There is no way it is working properly. The trait you see raised when the Wargs respawn is “Gate Guardian,” even after all Kerberoses are dead. As others have said, this is a manifestation of a latent bug that has finally become an unignorable problem.


Oh joy… gonna have to design me some counter teams if it’s gonna be whackawarg for the next x weeks…

Heres what I know about the bug.

31% chance for four Kerberos to summon zero wargs when each ally dies. There is a 69% chance for them to summon at least one.

There is a 75% chance for Kerberos to summon nothing when an ally dies (including itself). With four Kerberos, you have a 0.75 ^ 4 chance.

The current glitch has certain passive traits carry over when an on-death (or on-damage) summon immediately overwrites another dying troop. The underlying dying troop is not properly cleaned up. Gate Guardian then is able to trigger off Wargs summoned over dead Kerberos. Said Wargs can also trigger their own “pack master” trait.

When they start getting Wargs out, their traits can also trigger when you kill them for a chance at even more Wargs. More than one can be summoned from a single death trigger on a single death. If you happen to kill all four Kerberos and glitch them, replacing them with four Wargs while still having the Kerberos traits active, there will be an 87% chance to summon at least one Warg whenever one dies.

The same Warg can, by the way, trigger both Gate Guardian and Pack Master when it dies. Even having it down to a single Warg and Kerberos, killing the Warg can result in the entire team being repopulated by Wargs. I’ve also seen the final Warg summon another Warg via Pack Master, who then triggered Gate Guardian because the slot was glitched (I suppose Gate Guardian is checked after self death-summon traits, so your Infernal King doesnt get blocked by a Warg).

Usually, you’ll be able to eventually wear them down over time, even if you glitch all four slots. Just make sure to bring a team that can heal and deny browns and purples. It only takes one Kerberos cast to make the battle pretty much unwinnable, since you’ll often have to hew through about 15-20 wargs before you win, which is very difficult if you are down a troop.


What makes it even worse is that ghost Kerberos keep spawning Wargs after they’ve died. I fought someone whose Wargs had no traits and sometimes even 2 or 3 Wargs spawned after I killed one, and this happened after all Kerberos had died.

While you are right about the math, mechanically there are actually 4 25% chances, not 3.
The dying Kerberos trait also works, as do all “ally dies” traits, see avenger.

Edit: Mithran already mentioned that, ignore me :wink:

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You all forget that 20% in GoW actually means 90% chance… least that is what it seams to me whenever I fight something with a 20% chance to do something happens at a 90% rate…;(

The only math that matters hare at all is that this game is 100% busted right now. I also have 0% belief that not one single person ever tested 4 kerberos. Lastly, 100% chance of 6+ minute matches becoming the norm in 2017.*

*100% chance of someone personally attacking me here for this post based on the past.

Appears no one is attacking you…:slight_smile:

Not yet, but maybe it’s because it’s a fairly slow thread? However, after facing this obvious and well known glitch, I can say without a doubt that it’s utterly depressing that some veteran members would run even a single Kerberos on their team, let alone 4 of them. It’s both amazing and sad how easily some people’s sense of honor and fair play can be bought with a single glory key or a few digital gold pieces…but that’s the state of the world we live in these days, I guess. :disappointed:

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