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INFINITE WARGS Bug ++++ Maugrim Woods update of Kerberos (and Wargs)

The Maugrim Woods update has so much promise and I am thrilled to see a boost of power for many of the troops (esp. Dire Wolf :-))

Unfortunately, this new update has given Kerberos an Infinite-Loop Defense/Attack strategy! Altho the update with Warg isn’t even officially live (so my 20 minute infinite looping match will only be worse once players can Trait Warg!!!). This is because Warg has a 25% chance to re-spawn Wargs!!!

Needless to say, when you add in the fact that Kerberos now has a “50% chance to Devour” you adding all the boost together may sound like fun. But when you have 4 Kerberos spawing … I give up…Gems is Officially broken. Dev’s please fix this ASAP.

Just…kill the Kerberos first?

I haven’t played since the adjustments but unless I’m misunderstanding it, that’ll leave you with 8 kills max, right?

idk why untraited wargs keep spawning wargs…

i tested them out. team wipe kerberos in one blow.
spawned 4 wargs

team wipe wargs…
spawned 4 wargs…

and so on

There are 4! Whenever a Kerb dies, there are 4 @ 50% Wargs!

Right, but if you kill Kerberos first, then only 1 Warg can spawn per slot you vacate.

The Kerberos is now update to “50% chance to spawn a Warg when an Ally dies”. Untraited as update isn’t live with new Warg troop yet, however Kerb was patched earlier.

Please build a 4 Kerb deck and you will learn and see.

I only have 3 now and I don’t have the Arcane stones. This deck is almost impossible to beat. The respawan rate is HORRENDOUS.

Let me make sure I understand.

If the enemy starts with Kerb / Kerb / Kerb / Kerb and you kill the fourth one, it goes K/K/K/W, right? Then you kill the third and it goes K/K/W/W. Then you kill the second, and then the first. How does that make infinite Wargs? As long as you don’t kill a Warg…

The team you have in your SS is a skulls-only team. You should try again with AoE damagers or snipers.

That is a great strategy, however, if you are concerned that Bone Dragon is too powerful, this new update is much worse in fact.

but if anytime a ally dies Kerberos could make another warg

if you kill by skulls the first Kerberos, a warg appears also, so probably they takes people 5 or 6 wargs, if I understand good. Because probably this warg be killed before other Kerberos.

New defense meta to make players play a lot of time to it so better leave.
A lot of Kerberos teams are coming.

Yes, it is very time consuming even if you use the supposedly broken Bone Dragons, Manticores, Courages, etc

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And, please remember Kerberos now has a 50% Chance to Devour you! :smiley:

Mine says, “Deal 22 damage to an enemy with a 50% chance to Devour them”.


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i did with aoe damage… i wiped 4 wargs at once, 4 respawned. wargs also has trait to spawn warg

My point is simple. If you were concerned about the meta before, this certainly does not help.

I missed the part where Warg spawns itself. Yeah, icky.

Warg shouldn’t be able to summon itself it it has no traits (also it’s only 25% chance like Daemonic Pact).

I thought the text of the new Warg’s 3rd trait read “25% Chance to Summon Warg”?

We’re looking into Kerbero’s trait at the moment.

This is broken. I asked a friend to set 4x Kerberos. I fought it with AoE. All Kerberoes died and all summon 4x wargs. I thought I was gonna wiped those wargs, but no they just keep spawning, all fresh 4x warg. I wiped it again for several time later but warg just keep spawning, again and again. Then I decided to retreat.
Though I noticed something was off. I think one or few Kerberos wasn’t actually died. The summoned warg from first Kerberos that died seems overlap on the other Kerberos. Here’s the picture:

I think the 3rd and 4th Kerberos didn’t died yet and they keep triggering Gate Guardian when I wiped all of them later. Because I noticed the wargs was summoned not from Pack Master but from Gate Guardian. It was 4x wargs before I took that picture. The I casted my 2 AoE, wiped them and 4x warg summoned again.

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This is also what i see