Just me? Kerberos not triggering


Now I know the 25% chance is every time you activate not overall, however in 34 games, with Kerberos’ magic activated at least twice, sometimes 3x, Devour has not triggered once.

Is this just my bad luck, or is there a bug?


I have had him trigger when I used him. And I have seen him devour my hero when an opponent used him. So unless it is a bug that doesn’t affect everyone, you are just unlucky.


Just you lol. ive had him trigger three times in one battle today. ive never had a bother with him…thus why he is my fav :wink:


I used him 11 times and had him trigger once at the end of a battle with the the last card down to three health and dead either way. It’s all just luck.


I just want to confirm that Kerberos has been triggering for me, too.

I shouted at Kerberos to trigger for the first few games. Nothing! I then vehemently accused him of recreational vitamin use. Kerberos was like:

But then my last two games in a row, there was a tremendous roar as Kerberos triggered and ate the other team–the whole team, and like … a train … he ate that too.

In conclusion, just hang in there and he will come through for you … occasionally :slight_smile:


Thanks peeps, he’s triggered a few times for me now, still way less than what I would expect though.