⚔ Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin guild family


1 spot open in Age of Ragnarok 800s/50t/100k/GW 40ks and LTs

1 spot open in Bifrost 500s/25t/GW 40k seals


Spots still open in AoR and Bifrost. Preferably level 100+


Spots available in all of our guilds. Please message me if interested or join our discord server :slight_smile:


Why did I get kicked with no heads up?


Many messages in guild chat last week, Also please check your many discord PMs that you failed to not answer.

All spots now closed, if any interest in any of our guilds pls PM me and I can always add you to our waitlist :slight_smile:


Throne of Odin recruiting. Pls message if interested: All kds finished, 1500s/200t/500k all guild events


Still looking for 1 member for Throne of Odin :slight_smile:


Spots available message if interested :slight_smile:


Throne of Odin looking for 1 member. 40k seals and 35+ LTs. All raid/inv closed. 1500s/500k/200t all guild events. Pls message here or add Mary#2592 on discord


Spot closed in Throne of Odin

1 spot open in Gods of Valhalla


1 spot open in Gods of Valhalla

1 spot open in Well of Urd

Please join our discord server, msg or add Mary#2592 if interested


Sent you a message here and added Mary on Discord because the invite link in first post isn’t working.
Hope to hear you soon!


1 spot has opened up in Throne of Odin! 40ks and LTs. All raid/inv stages closed. 1500s/200t/500k All kds levelled.

Just pulled Ele in a LT! Our 6th mythic LT in a few months!


Spot now closed. If any interest for any of our guilds please join our server or msg as we also have a waitlist :slight_smile:


Looking for 1 member for ToO: Well of Urd 40k seals and 4 statues completed. 800s/20t gw. Pls msg here, join our server or add Mary#2592 if interested :slight_smile:


Looking for 2 new members:

1 member for Age of Ragnarok 40kseals and all tasks 800s/50t/200k/gw raid/inv opt

1 member for Gods of Valhalla 40k seals and all tasks + LTs 1200s/100t/300k all guild events


I am interested in your guilds. Age of Ragnarok or any of the guilds under that. I’m a high level player who has put in my time and now I’m just looking for a laid back guild. I am level 932 and can pull in a min. Of 200k gold. Also get all 1500 seals. I’m not very fond of PVP, so my trophies are not great, but if you set a min, I’ll make it. I’m looking for a guild where if I don’t feel like doing as much work on that week, I don’t have to. I have 2 jobs, so it makes it really hard for me to get in as much play time as if like, but like I said, most of the time I make my mins. Let me know if you have a spot open, if love to join your guild. My invite code is AMIEE


Looking for 1 member for ToO: Well of Urd 40kseals and 4-5 statues completed


Looking for 3 new members for Age of Ragnarok. 40k seals and all tasks. 800s/50t/200k guild wars


I’d be interested in joining a new active guild. LVL 189 and still leveling kds, but I do contribute gold. Usually get 1500 in 2 or 3 days, and like to do raids and GW. Have discord already. Game tag is: DHENDY17_DHMW. Thanks!!!