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Hi, I’ve been playing for a while but still fairly new. I have all my kindoms at lvl 10 and i have dragon armor.

I Will have no problem spending 500k gold on guild tasks and geting 1500 seals every week.
But i am going to have problems doing raids/guild wars/Towers because of a bad deck bit i try my best.



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Joe Will update the Banner but we have 2 seats open. We’ve modified the Events - so we’re focusing more on the opportunities as a guild with Invasions, Raids and Guild Wars.


We are Recruiting Strong Players to Join us Before Reset this week! :smiley:

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DruidsQuest again Maxing 6 Statues and doing Legendary Tasks :rocket:

DruidsQuest 40K again and Always 40K on new Mythic weeks (next week) :sunglasses:

Raid Boss Portal 9 Achieved as of Saturday

Looking for decent guild

Way to Go on Another Week of Maxing all Tasks and Achieving 40K Seals DruidsQuest


Invasion Portals as of Saturday


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Congratulations Maxing Tower of Doom rewards Stage 11, doing several Legendary Tasks, and 40K again this week DruidsQuest!! :rocket:


Fantastic Job completing 4 Legendary Tasks this week DruidsQuest!! :rocket:

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We have a slot opening - today! Contact me if you are interested


Slot’s filled I suppose.


Nope it is not filled. I have three slots - currently 1 open and 2 tomorrow. Come chat with me if you are interested


Ok, so obviously im in need of a new guild. So far all guilds I’ve joined are inactive, just want to try if I can keep up with higher ranking guilds.
Here’s my stats
300k/w (this is my highest at one point)
1500 seals/w
200 trophies/w


Way to Go @DruidsQuest ! We’ve Achieved all 12 Stages in Tower of Doom this week! Congrats on several Legendary tasks and also 40K Seals. :sunglasses: :rocket:


DruidsQuest is Recruiting! Join our Discord and PM @NowayJoe2Go . :smiley:

DruidsQuest ~ 5+ Tasks and occasionally 1-3 LTs, Guild Wars 10, Raid and Invasion Rewards, 40K Seals always on Mythic weeks and often Weekly, Guild Statues 150+, Demi-God 1 +18 Seals per day, Rank 93