Looking for decent guild

Me and my cousin are currently in a guild right now that mainly just lets people level kingdoms since he’s still only around level 100 (he just came from ps4 where he was nearly 1000) however it’s gotten to the point he’s outdoing almost everyone else in the guild in seals and trophies anyway, and since the guild is so far beneath me I was hoping we could move up. What we’re looking for is a relatively casual guild that does most of it’s tasks and will allow him to level his kingdoms rather than contribute gold. As for what I contribute, I’m around level 600, I max out my seals and usually get over 200 trophies a week, as well as anywhere between 200k and 700k gold input. However as implied, we’re a package deal, and if you’re interested in inviting us, just reply to me and I can give you our invite codes

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Wraith y’all come join us at Dreaded Legion!

Min Requirements

  1. 1500 seals
  2. 150+ Trophies
  3. Play in Guild Events

Gold is give as much as you want! Depending on amount you get ranked up in guild

I can move an alt of mine out to make room for 2 if requested.

There tasks this week

We have a few options in Druids Alliance as well. :sunglasses:

Hello @Wraith1742

The Unholy Family [TUF] is a GoW Superguild currently composed of four active squads. We are a dedicated community of players and always seeking new members and prospects!

Our guilds are: #4 Unrepentant (Diamond tier - All-around competitive), Abaddon (Platinum tier - GW casual), Power Gems (Gem tier - GW Bracket 1) and Purgatory (Gold tier - Active growth).

Please join our Discord community to find out more… good luck!

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