🌸 Join DruidsAvengers! “Active and Fun” The Guild you've been looking for! Reqs: 800k gold and 1200 seals a week

Join DruidsAvengers and Druids Alliance Today! We are an Awesome and Growing Community of Gamers. DruidsAvengers , together with DruidsGlade, DruidsVale, DruidsQuest, DruidsHaven and DruidsGoldenTavern are the Druids Alliance .

Join our Community on Discord at: https://discord.gg/wrtWCvs

DruidsAvengers is a well established Guild designed for active newer players and laid back veteran players. :sunglasses:

We get Event Rewards N - 1 or better. Achieve 40K Seals always . We MAX Basic Tasks and finish 2-4 epic tasks each week. Every 4 weeks we have a voluntary gold week and during those weeks we have done up to 64 LTs

Check out also other guilds in Druids Alliance family:
DruidsGlade for extremely active players
DruidsVale for very active players
DruidsQuest for active players
DruidsHaven for casual players
DruidsGoldenTavern for newer players or veterans taking it easy

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:cherry_blossom: Now is a great time to join Druids Alliance. Today we have 3 seats open across our 6 Guild Family: 1 DruidsAvengers, 1 DruidsHaven, 1 DruidsGoldenTavern.

:cherry_blossom: Hop on our Discord if you are interested in learning more.



Great Job DruidsAvengers in completing 74 Legendary Tasks this past week! :tada:

Join our discord server today to get in on this action!! We have a massive Gold Week during each Guild War!

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:cherry_blossom: As always, a very Impressive GOLD Week from @DruidsAvengers pulling in an Amazing 69 LTs!! :rocket: :sunglasses:

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DruidsAvengers is now recruiting new members! Come fill our open seat today!


We have 1 spot available in DruidsAvengers due to a player retiring.

Our requirements are still the same as above, but our current GW rank is 84 - we’re looking for a player who enjoys playing GW and would like to move up with us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Come check us out on our discord