Japanese style new kingdom?


Just yesterday I saw a splashscreen with some Japanese-style girl and a Japanese temple on the background. Just curious, will it be a new kingdom? And where? To the south of Suncrest?


Yes it’s gonna be a new kingdom,
Ask @Lyya if you want to know more, she the best :slight_smile:


I believe it’s a Chinese-themed kingdom: 💖 I had a dream,release a new kingdom in Chinese style for the future

I seem to recall they even slipped some Chinese localization text into a PC build a couple of months ago.


Or maybe it will be a combined kingdom (Japanese + Chinese). With some funny beasts like Kirin (deer-unicorn), daemon bull… And ninja, of course. Anyway it’s good to know that new locations are added.


I think it will be more chinese than japanese.
It could mean that we will have a japanese kingdom later :wink: .

So not sure about ninja and kappa… But:
Monkey with staff confirmed.
Daemon bull also.
Chinese dragon also.
Amd some weird winged elves.