💖 I had a dream,release a new kingdom in Chinese style for the future

Hello everyone,i’m a GOW fan and from china.Many of my countrymen and women have always love GOW and PQ1,PQ2.transgress language barriers in game couldn’t stop our love of GOW.so we hope to see the devs can release a new kingdom in chinese style for the future…
Journey to the West is a Chinese classic fantastic novel,I personally think It makes a superb filling for new kingdom design in chinese style.
I will going to introduce some info of Journey to the West on the post.please forgive my poor english.:grinning:


Journey to the West is a Chinese classic fantastic novel. It mainly describes a long journey to the Western Heaven to fetch the Buddhist sutras. The main characters of this novel are a monk, named Xuanzang, and his four disciples, named Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing and Yulong Santaizi. Throughout the journey, the four brave disciples have to protect their master from various monsters and calamities. After encountering eighty-one disasters, they finally reaches their destination. The most definitive version of this novel was written by Wu Chengen in his old age and published in 1592.


What timing!

Since you probably speak Chinese to some degree, how would you write “Shentang”?

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Do you know what famous Chinese warrior this is?! I’ll give you a clue! He’s from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Of course,the most famous chinese warrior is the general Guan Yu.

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The God of War, ha ha.

My favourite Shu general is Ma Chao.

I really hope they Bring Zhuge Liang in as a legendary troop later in the kingdom

Master Strategist?! You’d have to visit him three times before he’d join your troop collection :smirk:

Not Funny.