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It's okay to post and boast a little

I am interested in how high the other players hourly incomes are to get some perspective to where i’m going and how high it can get. I was very late on my short career when it comes to boosting kingdom power levels. Main reason for that is I only played treasure hunts and arena all day and night :wink: My income is 745/h I have about 6 kingdoms on power lvl 8 and that is the highest. Please make me jealous :slight_smile:
What defines the amount of gems you get?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Number of kingdoms delivering tributes minus one.


Also, how often you collect tributes and, as you mentioned, the percentage chance of tribute for each kingdom. This percentage is increased with kingdom power but also with Red guild statue, to a maximum of 6% boost at level 100.

Arguably, you could “farm” gems in Treasure Hunt. Or do so by opening gold and glory chests. But by far the best way to get gems (short of spending money) is from collecting tributes every hour.

I’m an early end-gamer, so I still have a long way to go. But I’ve been playing for 2 weeks short of a year so that might give you an idea. My income is 1113/h and I have 5 kingdoms at PL 16. I still have 20 kingdoms at 9 since I’m missing a bunch of mythics and/or copies of troops.

That said, I get an average of 14 gems per tribute, so ~200 gems a day from tributes.

EDIT: But the key thing that gives you more resources is playing more. There are plenty of people that list 300k/hour as their general farming income. With my VIP 0 bonuses, that amounts to 60 3-trophy pvp fights, 50 explore 12 battles with gold team, or 200-250 fast explore 12 battles.


Just max all your Kingdom Stars when you can, whenever you can.
And eventually you’ll get there.

And stay the hell out of Treasure Hunts. :wink:


200 gems a day is huge, i never really counted how much it actually stacks per day for me, but lately i’ve noticed my gems stream approving, so power levels are the way to go!

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@awryan that is some nice income there! I’ll stop playing treasure hunts right after i find the treasure, it’s there, somewhere, as the title promises… :smile:

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Similar rate for me



Do you happen to live in a van down by the river? :sweat_smile:

Only 1457/hr for me atm, missing many troops still. But gold isn’t ever an issue as it’s easily farmed. Didn’t realize how gems were accumulated from tributes though, good to know :slight_smile:!

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@Heenaluboy yeah, that’s me, the famous van guy :smile:

I never get 2-3 gems /day even if l play all day. Gems are the most difficult to gain unless you are a subscriber.

It’s not about playing all day, but collecting your tributes really frequently.

Even if you only get tributes of 1 gem, collecting 15 hours in a row will net you 15 gems, as opposed to 1.

When your average tribute size is more like 20 per tribute (like mine), then it takes only 10 collections to get 200 a day. If you play for those 15 (assuming one collection every hour you’re awake if you sleep 8 hours, and one “lost” tribute due to the time it takes to collect), then that’s like 300 gems a day.

Power up your kingdoms, and your income will increase exponentially :+1:


My eyes are slowly opening. So the tributes seem to be the best way of getting gems after guild tasks. Now that i know the logic to the amount one gets, I’m all in for power levels! I might even set the alarm to wake me every hou… no, that’s a bit too much :smile:

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I should have joined this forum long ago, in just two days I saw how little i knew…

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I don’t know how it works on consoles/PC, but one of the notifications you can set on mobile is for tributes. So if you’re playing on mobile, that’s one way to do it.

As @Magnusimus said, it’s about number of tributes you collect. However, it’s also affect by your kingdom power levels. So if you only unlocked 1 kingdom (Broken Spire), you’ll be very lucky to get 2-3 gems a day, even if you collect 15 tributes per day. If you unlocked all kingdoms but they are all power level 1, and you’re in a new guild, each of the 34 kingdoms has an independent 10% chance to give you a tribute when you collect. You could get 33 gems (meaning all your kingdoms gave you a tribute). If this happens, you might want to consider buying a lottery ticket as well.

So if you want more gems you should:

  • Join an active guild that always completes its Blue tasks (I think that’s about 400 gems right there)
  • Collect your tributes every hour
  • Increase your kingdom power levels ASAP
  • Do adventure boards, guild events and weekday events (i.e. you can get around 25 gems if you can beat all battles of a Thursday Class event)
  • Pay $$

Someone may have said this, I didn’t read the entire thread.

Trait and level your higher tier troops as needed, but use low tier cards i.e commons to bump your kingdom power levels up. They cost far less traitstones and souls.

That will help a great deal with hourly tributes.

Edit: Same with weapons.


Not quite as high because my delves aren’t maxed, but it’s decent.


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@RiverSong Yeah, decent :smile:

Damnit I’m 1 short

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terberos, Have you seen how you can look at your kingdom power levels to see what all you need next to upgrade? It may help you to know, “Oh, I need such and such for that kingdom and I’ll get more tribute.” Sorry if you already know this; maybe others perusing this thread may not know yet.


I know I need tons of traitstones, but why am i getting them so unevenly, haven’t been spending too much time on some certain explore. Is it just random/bad luck? Or are the ones i’m having a lot just not needed so much in levelling…

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