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It's A Trap

Another tricky decision-making moment! So hard to decide which one I should do…

Seriously, does there need to be five identical battle spots? Doesn’t matter where I click, they’re all the same, so why have them all? It would make sense to show five battle choices if they were always unique. Otherwise it’s pointless. Two of the battles are against Gate of Souls. Two are against Bone Daemon, and one is against Blightwing. But they’re all the same rarity Warg fight. So what’s the point?

Edit: So I did the top left one which was the single Blightwing fight. Then it got replaced with a Mythic level 70 fight. So I did that one. Of course all the other fights remained the same, and now I’m back to this:

The top two on the right are still Bone Daemons. And the bottom two are still Gate of Soul. And the top left one that’s level 20? It’s the same enemy team as the level 10 bottom middle fight: Gate of Souls, Bone Daemon, Warg, Greed. How does that make any sense? This is the enemy team for the top right and top middle, level 10:


This is the bottom left:


This is the top left, level 20, AND the bottom middle, level 10:


So how come bottom middle isn’t also Level 20? It’s exactly the same rarity and team as top left…

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That is simple enough to explain. The “theme” of the battle is drawn only when a new slot appears on the board. At that time, the rarity, level, and troops are fixed until that battle is cleared. So those four Warg fights will remain on the board forever if you keep hammering away at that top left spot (and whatever replaces it).

With Data from 3000+ fights I am showing an average of 7.45 points per fight. Not going to bother recalculating everything as it should still easily be Tier 3 to complete. Perhaps even Tier 2.

I suspect it’ll be more about Abyssinia kills than anything else.