Is this Slime out of control?


"Increase a random skill by 192’ - and as you can see, my health is at 460 already.

Loving this new card (whilst it lasts) heh heh


Is awesome with double Venoxia 7u7


Awesome yes - especially when your health jumps from about 35 to 460 for no apparent reason. Crazy slime. Happy days :smile:


How did you get 190 magic? :smile: After that the health doesn’t surprise me :slight_smile:


It’s a slime. They tend to grow :laughing:


I tried slime in combination with goblin shaman. Slime really is out of control. None of my slime/shaman are above level 10 and slime hit 100 hp and armor in a consecutive turn (with 50-ish attack and magic). I’ll try getting it over 1000 of any stat and will post a screen shot :smile:


Goblin shaman currently feels a bit OP compared to all other gem-spammers… same number of gems, a random armour buff and an extra turn, for a lower mana cost…

…likely to get nerfed/tweaked… @Sirrian @Nimhain thoughts?

I haven’t seen any evidence yet to suggest the slime is OP… wait and see…


We try to avoid putting out too many balance changes at once, that said we’re keeping an close eye on the Goblin Shaman and Goblin teams in general, at the moment.


You forgot the heal :stuck_out_tongue:


I am still failing to reach 1000 in any stats, enemy teams die to fast to reach it, since slime goes to 100+ attack quite fast and then a random skull match is enough. .


You could just get on and win matches faster, I guess…!

With patience and some luck you can get quite a few combos together for abusively high stats. The 3x Brian formation has been around for years… that doesn’t make Brian over-powered though, especially when one has to fart around (excuse language) trying for stat buffs when you could have won the game many times over… Cthyrysthyszyzyx and Sunweaver can do similar things.

I’ll be more concerned if the Slime starts appearing in PVP and getting out of control when the AI plays it… which feels pretty unlikely for now…


Since it was mentioned, lets think up some ideas of how one would balance out goblins to justify their extra turn and low cost spells, mixed with their marauder and Zaejin bonuses.

Obviously their bonuses can’t be changed, they’re kind of important to the types of creatures they are.

Extra turns are obviously a goblin staple, so that can’t go.

That leaves base stats and mana cost. Less base attack and health? Maybe higher mana cost or less magic. (Can you fearlessly say “9 Mana Goblin”?)

I’m not saying we should change goblins, but what do you believe would be okay to change if it should occur? More speculation and curiosity than anything.


While I was testing out slime status I run across 5-6 full goblin teams. I didn’t lose a single game and that’s with playing with a lvl 111 hero, a level 7 slime and 2x level 10 goblin shaman. So none of my troops where fully leveled and goblins still posed no problema. Every team is beatable, yes they get big bonuses, every team does when playing with 4 of a certain kingdom and race. .


I think the main problem is not what the goblins actually do but what they get for their mana. Stat-wise they should be on par with their rarity-counterparts. Imo their spells are just too good for what they cost. The solution there is obvious. Either lower their magic/overall spell effectiveness or increase their mana cost. I would say even a small adjustement would suffice as they are not completely broken right now.

The first option would still allow them to capitalize on chaining extra turns easily due to low mana cost abilities while with the second option the extra turn would be a kind of luxury and not a ticket to a potentially very large amount of further bonus turns (depending on the setup).

Leave goblins alone!

I vote mana costs go up. Baseline of the common Goblin, that’s 6 mana to nuke someone and, bare minimum, get back half the cost of the ability from making a match (albeit possibly in another color but still). Let alone if it gets a boost, or has a banner bonus. Or a cascade.

The sole saving grace here is that none of the Goblins are really game-breaking in this regard (possibly Shaman) - they’re just absurdly efficient.

ON TOPIC, I think the Slime is too slow to be worth worrying about. I definitely see the potential, I ran 2x Slime 2x Venoxia and that is scary, but it takes quite a while and has room for error. I haven’t had a bad match vs Slime yet either.

Admittedly things were definitely slowed down a fair bit by, sigh, everyone and their mother running 4x Goblin defense teams and nabbing green mana wherever possible. Which brings us right back to that other thing…


Green Slime and Goblin Shaman , too easy … :unamused:
small error set during use , but this video is to show the effects of this combination


Awesome! You just need to resist the urge to match skulls until Slimey has built up his stats. And you started with a super head start, with lots of purple and green.


yes I had an advance green and purple length on this part , but another part remains the same.
start once the combination is unstoppable in attack.
it is not a defensive team . you have to play with patience up the stats of green slime

I just want the creators of the game that realizes this fact … it is a bit too much here …


I agree, it takes some patience. :smile:


Too demontrate it’s really insane
Green Slime in Warlord IV against level 1000

DSK88 has to roughly the same team , but double Goblin Shaman can never failed to green, and the double Green Slime compensates if one is not loaded mana

are enough to prove that it’s a crazy combo …? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: