Is it normal for orbweaver to summon more than 1 giant spider

i used dragon souls ability and killed 3 out of 4 of the enemy team and when it hit the hero it summoned 3 giant spiders

Was this from using Dragon Soul when only the hero was alive? Or was this in the same cast that killed the other three? If it was the former, I suspect that the skull damage from the explosions was being counted as individual sources of damage, which would explain it. Otherwise, no idea.

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the dragon soul cast killed 3 other troops and only damaged the hero who was in the 3rd slot

I once saw the orb weaver summon a spider during a cascade and then a skull cascaded and damaged the hero again. I can’t remember if a second spider was summoned.

If you can think back, could it have been:

  1. Spell damage
  2. Skulls from Explosion
  3. Skulls cascading and bypassing summoned spiders

I don’t know of any good way to test this, without the ability to set the orbweaver summon on damage to 100%.