[Investigating] User Title Rewards

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows.

Screenshot or image:
Image 1: Faction Assault rewards show a new user title is available to be earned.

Image 2: The new FA user title reward doesn’t show in my list of unowned titles, all of my unowned titles are shown here.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting an unowned title to show up in my list of unowned titles and it’s not.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Began when this weekend’s FA went live.

However, I had the same issue with a different user title a couple of weeks ago in a world event. The title reward was Dragonborn and it was not showing as unowned. But then when weekly reset rolled around, it suddenly appeared as unowned despite my guild clearing all event rewards which should have given me the title.

Steps to make it happen again
Look at your list of unowned titles and compare against unowned FA rewards.

Its available for me as the first unowned Title in my list for 20 Gems. This is probably a recycled title. They have been doing that for a while

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Thank you for the screencaptures!

As the title is an older one, the title should be higher up in the top of the list.

  • Could you please scroll up and let me know if you still cannot see the Title: “Undead and Lovin’ It” anywhere?


Yes, disregard the faction title.

But what about the Dragonborn title? It was the reward in an event a few weeks ago. During the event, it didn’t show as unowned. Guild cleared all rewards. Weekly reset hit and suddenly Dragonborn is unowned even though I earned that reward…

I had Dragonborn relock on me too. Had it set as my title at one point. Certain I had Heavenly body, High and Mighty, and Rock God owned as well and they got relocked as well.

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@KeiFlox and @MysticWeirdo
Is “Dragonborn” currently unowned for you still?

And also, are any of these titles still locked for you? (That were previously unlocked and owned by you)

  • “Heavenly body”
  • “High and Mighty”
  • “Rock God”

Yes, it’s still locked.

My guild has cleared all event rewards in every event for 3+ years. Are some of these other locked ones also from past events? I know one of these is from the Campaign Pass, so it’s locked properly.

These are all of my unowned titles.

The title groupings I am showing are Unlocked (checkmark symbol,) Purchase (20 gem price) and Unlocked from Event (blue moneybag symbol?, see above screenshot.) FWIW, the titles Dragonborn, High and Mighty, and Rock God are shown as Unlocked titles (can be assigned as the user title) and repeated as Unlocked from Event titles (can not be assigned as the user title.) Heavenly Body only appears in the Unlock from Events grouping.

Yes, All four of those title are still unowned. Those are the only unowned titles for me.

I had to check my locked titles too. I was definetely using “Cursed with Bad Luck” at one point and now its locked. Others i seem to remember having but this one in particular stands out to me.

If I scroll down to locked titles it also shows Dragonborn as locked BUT if I scroll up quite a bit (old title from when Fell Roost came out I think) it shows Dragonborn as Unlocked. Maybe try that as well?

Dragonborn is indeed in my list both unlocked and locked as are Rock God and High and Mighty. Heavenly Body only appears as locked. Also in the Emoji packs I have the Wild Plains set both unlocked and locked.

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Could you please send screencaptures of this in the current Support Ticket you currently have?
(And any screencaptures of receipts for any purchased titles/emoji packs)

@Bramble The second Dragonborn was changed to Dragonborn Again, but I still don’t own it despite completing the event. The other titles I mentioned above are still unowned as well. I’ve cleared all events for the past 3+ years, so if any of those titles I mentioned are from past events, then they’re incorrectly showing as unowned as well.



This says RB rewards have a NEW title. But this doesn’t show in my unowned titles list.

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The reward’s screen don’t identify when the social items are owned or not, that title and the portraits from the event are already unlocked for me while the emoji set isn’t.