Invade reward bug

I invaded someone with an available reward of a little bit more than 2.000 Gold, having won the match i supposed to get a message of about 4.500 gold reward (being my multiplyer at 2,25).
The problem is i got only 225 gold… can’t say for sure, but i think it’s not only a display ploblem 'cause my total gold too seems to be non what it should be after that match…
It happened another time some weeks ago, but i didn’t remember my previous total neither the base reward.

Sorry but can’t help with the other player’s name.
For dev’s help i can tell you that after this fight i have exaclty 40.424 gold and the match occurred few minutes ago.


Any idea on what happened?

Today got another bug, at the end of a defense fight i got this message:
Received an error with invalid JSON from Parse:

502 bad gateway

the server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

I think i’m a sort of magnet tho theese :slight_smile:

Our server provider had issues in the last 24hr which may be why you had some connection issues.