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Internet problem / need advice

I’m so upset

my family decided to remove house wifi and just keep it by a cable

my problem is i need internet mainly in my phones and tablet, and i rarely really use computer. if i had to choose i would rather give up on the internet at computer and not on my mobile devices

sure i could just buy my own router and plug it to the cable and make my own at-home wifi but that would defeat the purpose of my family removing wifi from house (they decided wifi is unhealthy, lets leave the subject be) so by making my own wifi id be fighting my family and it doesnt sound like getting anywhere

so my alternative is buy whatever amount of sim cards and put them all in my mobile devices or move a sim card around which is even more pathetic

  • or find a way how to plug internet by cable to an android device(s)

i googled that one out and so far didnt yeld much results

at this point im just frustrated and sad and any nicer point of wiev could help even just to cheer up

(please dont “just” tell me to play gow at pc coz this is not my main internet activity plus i deliberatelly try to use computer less cause i observed i feel much more rested / more heathy when using mobile devices in stead of computer)

also did anyone figure out a way how to successfully make a wifi internet hotspot from laptop windows 7 sp2 ? (and is it even possible)


If you were on Windows 10 then it’s actually already a feature. However for Windows 7 it’s a bit more difficult, apparently there are ways (http://www.techradar.com/news/computing/pc/how-to-turn-your-windows-7-laptop-into-a-wireless-hotspot-657138) but I haven’t actually tried any of them out to know if they work or not.

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Is this what you’re looking for? (I just did a quick Google search, don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work :smiley: )



thank you i will try both of them :slight_smile:

its so easy,you can view this http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-WiFi-Hotspot-Using-the-Command-Prompt.:rofl:

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So I’ve done my best to leave the wifi health theories out of it. Do you tend to use the wireless devices all in one room? If so, would they let you set up a wireless router that you only plug in when you’re going to be using it, and paint the interior of your walls with wifi blocking paint, so as not to expose the rest of the house?

Of course as soon as you mention blocking electromagnetic radiation to them, they may take the house all the way to Faraday Cage.


it does have some type of effect not sure what exactly but having a router in my bedroom for years then had it moved to a diff room at one point and i sleep like a baby now,used to toss and turn like crazy waking up every 1/2 hr to hr.


You wake up every 2 hours crying?


Can you ask a neighbour if you could use their WiFi? Bake some cakes for them and don’t look at any porn and you’d be OK if you lived next door to me!


you can use a router in your room in secret by setting it to non-broadcasting and only connect to listed devices. also turn it off when you done using it. less hassle than having a laptop turned on just for wifi and cost less electricity.

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wow i never thought of that :rofl:
if push comes to shove maybe i should just do that :joy:
thank you :smile:

luckily for now they said its fine to use my own wifi (that has a weaker signal) for the time that i actually use internet
so its not as bad as i thought :grin::sweat_smile:

hahaha, i doubt it since it costs money and we dont have unlimited funds :sweat_smile: but you know what if it worked for them i couldnt care less if they did it :rofl:

i also believe that it actually might have an influence on ppl, however i personally dont dont have a problem with wifi …luckily

thanks but im not going to stand like stupid next to the fence at the cold evenings when i woudl prefer to chill out in bed :sweat_smile: but it was worth mentioning :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt know there is such way, ill see is my router able to do that, even if just for everybodys piece of mind it could actually help

thats so many options, thanks everybody :heartpulse

edit: i managed to turn off SSID broadcasting in my router (and set my devices to connect with it), already a progress :smiley:


Ahh, I didn’t know your situation, if you are living in a flat or semi-detached house it’s easy to pick up neighbouring WiFi.

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Its not that easy cuz its not often ppl run open WiFis anymore. Its secured. You never know tho, worth a try to check all the WiFis near your house.

That’s why I said make em a cake! Ask nicely, some folks are fine with it, especially if you explain the situation and offer them a sweetener, whether it’s a bottle of wine a month or some money.

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Mentioning this as no one else that I saw mentioned it. https://virtualrouter.codeplex.com/. No figuring this or that out on the internet or what command does what. Just install and go. And also works for windows 7. No ads, no nagging, and the best part … free.

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