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Windows version that links with Xbox

Is there ever going to a Windows version (or Xbox Play Anywhere version) of this game that links with the Xbox One version? Or is there already a version that does this? As I didn’t see the game in the Windows Store.

I’ve been traveling a lot recently and can’t exactly bring my Xbox everywhere, but I do bring my laptop. Seeing as this is a perfect PC game. I just don’t want to restart all over again with the Steam version or non-Xbox version.

Sorry to tell you that the xcloud is still in beta (but its just around the corner…) The other option which doesn’t sound like it suits you is stream to your laptop using the companion app from windows store from your xbox but this involves both to be on the same network…so prob not what you’re after :frowning: sorry.

That’s what I figured. Unfortunately being in a hotel means that I won’t be on the same network and it would require me to leave my xbox running at home all the time.

Maybe 1 day there will be a version that links to the xbox. Until i’ll just have to play other games.

xcloud is just around the corner as I mentioned… however its only in beta at the moment… this will require you bring a controller but that’s not as bad starting over

Just admit you need to have your Xbox and bring it with you!
I do occasionally when I travel. Might have to jump through a few hoops to get internet working, but I’ve always been able o after giving the XBox mac address.

Or start thinking about that fancy new samsung galaxy note 20 ultra.

Oh I totally do… I have been known to find room even in my carryon… but now that I WFH for the forseeable future… I don’t have to do the hotel wifi dance… I also hotspot from my mobile so that everything plays nice its not the fastest in the world… but its just easier and most of my travels takes me to places with 4g as a minimum