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Apologies, Forced Obsoletion, Freedom of Choice

Hello all, it’s every body’s (least?) favorite Orc, chunky mono, back from the dead.

Edit: A lot of the information below is wrong. I will leave it up for the purposes of Truth in Advertising. I am a Gamer, an Addict, and an Orc. I am not a Troll, and I apologize if what I say here or in any other of my previous or future posts offend you. Please help educate me. Thank you. I will now skip to a third post, if allowed, or to the end of 2nd post if not. End Edit

It would appear I may have judged Gems too harshly in the past. Many of my Internet issues are related to my Router.

Yesterday, Microsoft pushed an auto update that forced XBox 1 devices to join IPv6. The problem is, IPv6 is not available in all service areas, and is not available on all devices.

My current Quest

“I’ve run into a weird connection issue with my XBox One S recently. When I turned it on tonight, it wouldn’t connect to XBox Network through my wireless. It was working fine just last night, but today I’m getting ‘Service info is unavailable’ and ‘NAT Type: Unavailable’ under Current network status. All my other devices, my PC, my PS4, my phone, are all able to connect without any trouble.”

To the best of my knowledge, and my knowledge is quite limited, this is a result of the latest auto update. The update pushed IPv6 to all Xbox 1 devices.

IPv6 is considered an upgrade over IPv4. The problem is, not all devices are compatible with IPv6, and IPv6 is not available in all ISP service areas. And yet, instead of making an announcement of “Hey, we’ve introduced a new IP to the Xbox, we consider it an upgrade. If you’d like to join, click “Yes” on your router’s IPv6 page”, MS decided to make us automatically opt in.

If our router’s settings are still set to IPv4, we the people have to search the internet to learn how to adjust our settings, find our router information, and click “No” to opt out of IPv6.

I am not a Tech Savvy person. I have been searching for over THREE (3) hours on how to fix this issue.

What I learned, and where I’m at in the process, is that on my laptop, if I type in an address bar (where I would normally type xbox.com/live, for example), it will bring me to my router access page. There, I type in my Network Name and it’s password.

I have now accessed my Router, and am searching for the option to click “No” for IPv6. It’s an old router. It might not even have that option. The MS IPv6 listed 2 known devices that don’t allow for access to IPv6. Again, if they knew there are devices that don’t allow access, why make this a hard yes. I am so frustrated.

I am doing my best to find the solution. When I find out which of all the boxes on my Router page I’m supposed to click “No” to, I will post more.

TL;DR: Give us an option, Microsoft. Please allow us to say “Yes”; don’t force us to say “No”. #FreeThePeople.

What I've learned thus far

I’ve learned several things:

 My Router is old
 The error code I get most often is Teredo
 Teredo deals with multi-

More to follow. My Internets just cut out again, and I lost 30 minutes worth of typing. Unreal…

Losing 30 minutes worth of typing feels like losing 58 (23 Stage 1, 35 Stage 2) minutes worth of fighting a boss…

getting it down from 88k hp to only 23, and then losing 33 hours worth of gaming because:

I could have killed him had I completed Odin’s Quest, but I didn’t know any better.

But my alt Kirk Monkey avenged me, and completed the boss fight in only 11 minutes, but then lost 35 hours worth of gaming, because my Internets cut out so I didn’t unlock the 3 achievements.

I tell ya, my Internets suck.


I’ve learned that my Router will not allow me to change to IPv6, or even have the option to opt out of IPv6 by selecting “No”.

My Router is so old, I can’t even access the settings to turn of the Multi-player option, which is one of the reasons I kept dropping connections during GW battles and other events.

I still won’t be returning to Gems, but I’d like to thank the community for being the community it is.

To any other residents of Pennsylvania: please note there are provisional amendments that are being proposed on the May 18th primary election. I am not a member of either party, and therefor do not normally participate in primaries, but all registered voters are eligible to for on the amendments. Vote Yes or No, but please vote. #FreeThePeople

Good luck, and always have fun. :axe::rage::shield: For the Horde


I woke up Friday morning, seeking to get an Armello achievement on my Alt: Kirk Monkey, that only .83 % of Gamers on XBox 1 have achieved. I got it on my Main, chunky mono, it took a good, long while, and it was very annoying. I wanted to see if it would be easier now that I knew what I was doing. It wasn’t.

But it wasn’t all my fault. A lot of my wounds in life are self-inflicted. This one wasn’t.

Tl; Dr: My Router was so old, it was a model version number one of a line that was considered obsolete in 2012.

Summary of previous Two posts

I was mad that when I attempted to login, an Update was forced upon me. I then had spent 5 to 6 hours searching for a way to upgrade my Router, so that I could continue to feed my addiction.

I also vented with my brother, PlayStation Fanboy (Meant as a term of affection/jab at him, but I can see how it might offend others)/Erstwhile Xbox Adventurer (I am thankful for all of our Adventures together)/Enabler (He knows I’m and addict. He’s an addict too. I had 8 alts in Chunky’s Raiders, he had 8 as well. Not at first. At first we only had 3 each. It just kind of got out of control. Co-dependency is Tricksy and False.

Being the loving brother that he is, he spent time doing research as well. He saw me venting at Bill Gates. Bill Gates is no longer a part of MS. He knew, I didn’t. But he didn’t correct me. I found out later. My information was based upon an old South Park episode from the Stick of Truth trilogy (If that is the proper name): I didn’t do the proper research then, and I’m not doing it now.

I tend to ramble. Sorry. I don’t know how much time he spent researching the issue. He’s a journalist by trade, works for a small but respected local newspaper. And even before the 2020 lock-down, was forced to work from home, so he had some knowledge of how to set up a Router. IT Dept doesn’t make house calls. Normally. Results may vary.

I don’t know how much time he spent, but he didn’t find a solution either. He did visit me today, and after my attempts to update failed, produced a recently purchased Routing system so that I can continue to feed my addiction. I love my brother. And he loves me.

The Gems of War community is a strong one, and I am thankful to be a part of it. I may return to being an active member again someday, but not this day. And yet, I look to you all to help me grow, if possible.

The Valhalla Champion achievement in Vikings has been achieved by .04% of all Xbox Gamers. Completing the game as the Warrior has been achieved by 2.30%, for purpose of comparison. I did not achieve either, as I was considered “Off-Line” at the time I completed those. Does it matter? Is it as important as Real Life Issues? Absolutely not. But it is something that gives me joy in an otherwise at-times joyless world.

I need to gather my thoughts. I wish I had learned to code. I did take a computer class at high school, but I found it so easy, I spent most of my time playing Chess vs the computer. I read the local newspaper, did the challenges they had there, and also played PvP chess vs a foreign exchange student from Viet Nam during Spanish class. He was good, and inspired me to get better. (I should have spent more time learning Spanish as well…that’s another story tho).

In other threads, I’ve often had conflicting opinions at times with @awryan, @Slypenslyde, @Magnusimus, @Jonathan, @TheIdleOne and others (too numerous to list all at once). And yet, those individuals are/were some of the most passionate members of the Gems community. I consider them friends/compatriots in our struggle to improve the game of Gems, even if we are not always friendly. I hope they, and anyone else who has taken the time to read this far, will help me improve not only Gems, but the Gaming Industry as well.

I used to work at LEGO Brand Retail. I won’t give a store location or dates. Turn-Over in that industry/racket is quite high, and I do not wish to out anybody. There were times I agreed with my chain of command, and there were times I butted heads with those butt-heads. My assistant store manager at one location, whom I considered a friend, told me he did not wish to get involved in my struggle to improve working conditions for the grunts, the muckers and grinders (meant as terms of endearment, not words of disparagement), the minimum wage employees from whom much was expected, and to whom little was given. He felt I was wronged when I left the company after 4 years, and wished me well when I left, but had other things to focus on. Real-life issues, I can and do respect that.

If I “At” you and you do not wish to be involved, simply ignore me and I promise not to involve you, just as I try not to involve him.

More to follow…thinking is difficult for me at times. Rational thinking. I’m often Irrational.


Truth In Advertising: I consider myself assigned Orc at birth, but In Real Life, I am a 51 year old divorced white male; a perpetually unemployed, former Temp Worker/Job Hopper; and a former enlisted Marine (Once a Marine, always a Marine).

The United States Marine Corps had at the time of my service various Leadership Traits and Principles that were instilled (Indoctrinated?) during boot camp. Some of them don’t always take effect in all individuals, or at all times. One of the Principles I often struggle with is “Know yourself and seek self-improvement.”

The Primary Objective of Marine Corps Leadership is Mission Accomplishment. The Secondary Objective is Troop Welfare. I achieved the rank of Sergeant before being discharged, and I tried to carry those ideals into the civilian workforce. In my opinion, Troop Welfare is not an objective of the corporate world, nor is it an objective of the government.

There was an old thread titled “Please Keep Politics Out of Gaming”. Sometimes tho, politics controls gaming. Some may view Marines, or the US, or me, as oppressors. I feel at the moment, as the corporate world and politics are intruding on our ability to enjoy gaming, so we, as Gamers, Elves, Orcs and Trolls alike, must bring Politcs not into Gaming, but under our control. We are many. They are few. They have the power. For now.

I do not like Forced Obsoletion. Even when I had the money, I did not like having to purchase a new computer every year. I had the privilege for working for Comcast as a Temp Worker for a few weeks. At the time, before it became Xfinity, permanent workers received a new computer every year so that employees could pass on the knowledge and benefits on to the consumer. That would have been an ideal benefit to me as a gaming addict, but alas, despite my best efforts, I was unable to secure a position with that company. A few years back, I learned that “free computer” benefit is no longer made available to Comcast/Xfinity employees.

Corporations exploit workers just as much if not more as Governments do. We, as Gamers, are a global community. I loved playing HotS (Heroes of the Storm), and watching the Korean, Chinese, European and other teams compete during tournaments.

My chess knowledge eroded. It is a perishable skill (like fruit that rots, not like living creatures that die). While I was on an American Football team in high school, I was not quite talented enough to participate at the varsity level. I was average at best, and that is how I view myself as a Gamer. Anyway, rambling…

Tl;DR: The original intent of my rant is, not all Gamers have the financial means to buy a new router. If there are organizations such as the National Rifle Assoc, teacher’s unions, and other lobbyists, that can exert political influence both in the US and abroad, then there could/should be one for Gamers as well. Perhaps there is, and I’ve been too focused on my own issues to do the proper research. (and if there is, they are not doing enough)

A Gamers Collective could work not only to improve the on-line lives of Gamers, but the Real Life living conditions for them as well, no matter their country of origin or current residence. Thru the military, I have had the privilege of living in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Dream big. I can be a bit delusional at times. Please help educate me. I thank you for your time, and thanks for allowing me to share.


My Representative in Congress is Madeleine Dean. Maybe you’ve seen her or heard about her. I’m not on Twitter, she’s got some good ideas, she’s got some bad ideas. I’m not her base, fine.

Two Senators, split for now, I’m not their base either. Fine.

There’s a special election/primary tomorrow; nothing important for the Federal side, so I’m not surprised that they wouldn’t mention it in their Tweets.

I like Gems Forum because I haven’t had things muted, an occasional flag I suppose, especially after I said something about the 2017 update. I deserved that one. I probably deserved more. Anyway, Pennsylvanians, if you read this, get out to vote.

Every election is important. I’ve believed that since 92. I became a Marine Security Guard in 1994, arrived in Peru one year after the old embassy was bombed by Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path). I was there for the transition to the new embassy, and left one year prior to the occupation of the Japanese Ambassador’s residence by the MRTA.

People voted in Peru. Some people complained that the judges wore hoods at trials. They wore hoods because if their faces were known, they and their families would be killed. There’s a fine line between Terrorists and Freedom Fighters is all I’m saying.

I think I was 8 years old when a boy told me he was going to stab my non-Gems brother with a pocket knife. I told him "no your not.’ It’s not that I could tell he was a liar. It’s not that I was stronger than him, because I wasn’t. I just knew he wasn’t going to do it.

I’m not going to go into my PTSD here. I’m saving that for Facebook. It was my third account. I’m still working on password recovery. I refuse to go on Twitter.

PTSD and Me

Some memories I don’t recall the year, but I know we were mobilized for a deployement, and while we waited for the word to come down, they had us in an auditorium with a movie playing on a TV. A young lady was triggered by a scene, and the movie was turned off.

I’ve tried as best I could to hide stuff. Repress stuff. I would not trust a Psychologist to hypnotize me for treatment. It’s possible the treatment might help, but I’m afraid of what I would do if that trust was betrayed.

Same thing with my wife. I shouldn’t have kept secrets from her. I trusted her. I never physically hit her (except one time she said I kicked her in my sleep. I tried to sleep on her other side or the couch after that). And yet, if she betrayed my trust…

I told both my brothers, don’t ever come at me in clown make-up. I’ll know it’s you, and still, don’t invade my personal space. I invaded a lady at a job’s personal space once, i did it in jest, but I saw how hurt she was, and despite my best attempts to apologize, I could not get her to forgive me. We don’t always get to be forgiven. My PTSD is from other things as well. Pigs, 3 little ones. We good. Just don’t send in the clowns. Or…some other time. Not here.

Unforgiven is the point I wanted to make tho. Because in that movie, Ned knew that the Kid never killed nobody. So did Will. Still, the Kid kept talking.

An uncles once told me, I think I was 12, or 13, was that there’s good and bad in everybody. I think if I could pass something on to my niece of nephew, it would be to try to identify the Wills from the Kids. Wills are a lot more dangerous. And Unforgiven had a few PTSD triggering moments as well, but as bad as others.

So I went to find out what non-Gems brother had learned about the Judges up for election. He leaves Minecraft on 360 paused, and after explaining goes up to relieve himself. As I make some dinner, I hear Zombies spawning and attacking his character. The pause on Minecraft isn’t a hard pause, day had turned to night.

I wouldn’t normally go to our mom’s basement (we inherited the house from her when she passed 9 years ago) barefoot, but no Zombie was gonna harm my brother. Not on my watch.