[Intended - workaround/bandaid fix] Monday Nexus troops and weapon offer available now in shop!(in Sunday?)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Ps5 Europe
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Dhrak-Zum troop in shop and i see another one Nexus troop

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today after daily reset

Tomorrow Nexus troop available now in shop


It’s possible upgrade Nexus kingdom power up to 13👍

Australian winter time advances clocks by 23h!



This is again some regional thing.

I see all shop items - glory troop and paid packs - for Dhrak-Zum (this week) and Nexus (next week) on both Android and Steam in Europe while our guild’s American players only see this week’s items.

Im in Europe too on Ps5 and see both kingdoms offer.

I’m in the US and see Umbral Giant and the other new packs in the shop on Android.

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US is big, so it’s not even the same for all players there apparently.

After seeing that Tide’s Lash pack doesn’t give Tide’s Lash weapon, I purchased 1 copy of Umbral Giant just for testing (not buying more until tomorrow when it gets officially released) - that one gives Umbral Giant indeed, but - it doesn’t work towards Nexus power levels just yet: the system still shows “upgrade 22 troops” as unachievable.

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No…my Nexus is on 13 kingdom power from today :sweat_smile:



Maybe it would trigger if I bought all the necessary copies for ascending to mythic and upgrading to level 20 but, as I said, not doing it until official release.

Anyhow, it’s a funny screw-up, for sure.

This is only old description i think your kingdom power level pop up

I doubt they will care about this on Sunday.

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I was surprised to see this too. PS4 Eastern US

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Android, US west:

and there’s another oddity: the Time Remaining on them does not align with weekly reset. (It’s 10:40 AM here and reset is at midnight, so 13h 20m away.)

Possibly pre-dating the start time was the workaround for the “items/shops not available” bugs that occurred earlier in the week? IDK.


Hi folks,

This is a bandiad fix for the empty shop issues until the hotfix goes live to fix it properly.

You might see some content early until then.

You should receive what is displayed on the offer even if it’s early.

We are aware of an issue where this wasn’t the case for Tide Lash/Daemon Leash, and players who were shown something different to what they purchased for that will be compensated with the correct Weapon by Support when they contact us.


Maybe an in-game mail would be more suitable, I imagine many people are fuming by themselves over this but they do not have any idea that they should contact support.