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Infernal King question

I noticed today that Infernal king after being resurrected becomes immune to Moloch’s 3rd trait debuffs.
Before I killed him second time, my Molochs casted the debuffs like 10 or more times and none of Infernal king’s stats dropped. Is it how its supposed to be?

Just tested it, all seemed to work accordingly. The resurrected Immortal King was effected every 4+ match as expected for me.

Did the Immortal King you were trying to debuff have no armor left? Also what level was he?
Should the instance occur again, taking a screenshot of the card’s stats before a match 4+, and after, would be quite helpful.

The Blighted Lands last challenge has Infernal King, so that’d be a good place to attempt recreation.

He was level 1 after resurrection. He has had 11 shield and 14 or so life and he remained like this untill I 1 shot him after 2 turns. Before that I matched around 10 x 4-5 gems and he was not reacting with his stats.
I will do screens if I get him in fight again. Thanks for response.

Edit: I followed your suggestion and did couple of challenges. Managed to do some screenshots.

Here u can see him right after resurrection

Here is after couple of moves, dozens of 4-5 matches happened which didnt affect him at all.

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Most unusual. I tested it myself and had no issues, odd.

@Sirrian and @Nimhain are presently away and unable to look into it, but should be returning sometime soon-ish.

Might have been that his magic was deduced. Though there’s a small chance that magic would be reduced 10 times in a row, it’s still possible.

I did few more tests. Just to exclude any doubts.

  1. Right after resurrection

  1. Couple of moves after:

As you can see, none of his stats dropped.

Doing these few tests revealed something even more weird to me. He becomes immune only when on last slot in team.
When I killed first the other troop from team and then him, so he jumped on 1st/2nd/3rd place - he was reacting correctly to the debuffs…

This must be where my test failed in recreating the issue. I wondered if this might’ve been the difference but I never actually confirmed the suspicion.

This is info that I’m sure the devs will find quite useful once they’ve returned.