Incredibly effective attack team suitable for beginning players

I’ve seen a number of posts by new players looking for a team that can be competitive early on. I remember how discouraging it was not having any epics and going against dragons and other formidable troops. I am now level 200, but play a team that has one common, two rares, and one ultra rare, and I cannot remember the last time I lost a battle. Actually, I don’t think I have lost with this team, though I’m sure there must have been one or two losses. It is easy to conveniently forget things when you are trying to make a point. But truly, this team beats ANYBODY, even level 1000 teams of Mythic Dragons that are 70+ HP each. (That was a 5500 gold payout and those nasty dragons NEVER GOT A TURN!)

So what is my team?
Ogre with 2 traits upgraded (Blue mana)
Boar Rider with 2 traits upgraded (Green/Purple)
Goblin Rocket with one trait (Yellow/Red)
Alchemist with two traits (Brown/Red)

For the record, the Boar Rider’s second trait doesn’t add to the attack power of the team, so is expendable. Although you want to get your team leveled as high as you can, the level is really only important for Ogre, who has all the skull attack duties. He used to do 20 damage, but lost some attack points in the most recent update. Some of that was the loss of +1 attack kingdoms (which I have all leveled), but I also think he got nerfed. I didn’t pay close enough attention to see what exactly happened; I only know he lost quite a bit of attack. But no matter. He is level 18 now and does 18 damage, which is still enough to get the job done. The team gets a nice little bonus of +2 life for having two Zaejin troops. Besides the attack kingdoms, I also have my +1 magic kingdoms leveled, so Rider does 15 damage and Rocket 12 + 1. If you are starting out, you probably will not have this accomplished, but you also will not be fighting those 50 HP troops, so you should be okay for a while. Finally, I fight under the double red banner.

With the combination of the Alchemist’s and Rocket’s traits and the double red banner, a match-3 red yields 7 mana. A mana surge fills Rocket and half of Alchemist. The key to the win is to get Rocket rolling.

This is a keep-the-turn team. If I get a good draw off the flop, the other team never gets a turn. This happens about a fourth of the time. If not, my team still loads fast, and in most of my games, my opponent gets less than 5 turns. Very seldom is a spell cast against me. Battles are slow. It sometimes takes a lot of looking to find a good move. Also, at least half of the damage I do is Rocket, and at 13 points a pop it takes a while to whittle down those really big guys. But this suits my style of play, so I don’t mind. I go for the PVP matches that yield 800+ gold, and with a 250% gold bonus, the slow games do pay off.

Just this afternoon, I encountered the biggest invasion reward I have ever seen—3500 gold! I couldn’t hit the TO BATTLE! button fast enough. Wouldn’t you know, it was a team of mythic goblins. The normal guys were about 75 HP each and the king had over 100. The game went: my turn—opponent’s turn—my turn—opponent’s turn—I then finished off all but the king (who had no mana loaded) before running out of moves—opponent got one last turn—I finished off the king. I won 9200 gold.


@IronyMan so would you say its wiser to use upgraded troops like the ones you suggest rather than my team in pvp? My team consists of:
webspinner lvl15
Elwyn lvl15
Sparkgiver lvl15 (mind the spelling im not on atm to look at the name!)
And lastly Sands of time.

None of these are traited yet.

ah a tasty daimond team i might try. Hope it isn’t coal instead. Now i just need to locate a tyri team that is fast and that wont let tyri or the opponents die. Something that makes the opponents first troop die but keeps the game going so i can rack up maps and possible gold and souls.

If you want the match to go on and on I suggest Finley

i would like to run anything that has perfect synergy with tyri and yet it is hard to find. Tyri is great at supporting herself and others but then when you try to get more than 2 troops involved things get hinky.

I don’t know about L1000 teams (at L62 I don’t think I’ve played anyone >200 yet) but I think if you make a solid team of any description that gives you a bit of flexibility, you will do okay. Currently I have Gloom Leaf, Rowanne, Green Seer and Owlbear. It’s all about filling the Seer (I use the purple-green flag) and getting a green 5-match. The random entangle is surprisingly useful.

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No Taten, and I agree, gerryq.

I remember starting out and how long it to took me to get epic troops. (I only got my Webspinner last week.) I hated taking on those all-goblin and all-dragon teams because I just didn’t have a good counter. I skipped a lot of those battles. Then I stumbled across this team that has proven to be incredibly effective for me, and I thought I would share it. The point is that if you just can’t get any doom-bringer troops, you can create a formidable lineup with troops that most players have by level 40. I think this lineup could easily carry you to level 200, and probably beyond. I have not yet felt a need to switch.


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I see enough goblins in enemy teams to not want them in mine! It’s true they work, though.

With regard to upgrades, don’t worry about traits till you can afford them. Sometimes the third trait is super (e.g. stoneskin on something that will often be first) but that will always take an insane amount of traitstones.

Save souls for troops that need it, especially the one that’s first in line. Mana-generating troops can often do fine at low levels. My Green Seer is only L5, and I used to use Elwynn at L10. You can grab a few life and armour points from using troops from the same kingdom.

The thing about goblin teams is they actually need a bunch of upgrades to really be scary. Ascensions, level 10 bonuses, traits… on top of the race & kingdom bonuses.

I see all these arguments about how crazy it is that these “common” troops can clean house, but when you count up all the resources it takes to make them viable, it’s a hefty investment. (& a lot more difficult than getting a couple of rares or legendaries to max level)

Really? AFAIK it is far cheaper to fully trait and level rares and commons than Legendaries (in terms of souls and traitstones I mean)…

I realize you need far more copies of goblin troops to ascend them to mythic, but fully traited level 15-17 goblin teams are pretty strong teams. There are far worse resource investments for beginning players than goblin teams…

Getting legendaries to max level just takes souls. Traiting them is obviously a different matter.

Getting goblins to max level ALSO takes souls. But making them viable takes souls PLUS a whole bunch of other stuff. Dozens of drops of the right card from keys, oodles of gold, traitstones.

I’m about level ~150 right now. Before I got my first legendary, I found all goblin teams impossible and skipped them. Once I got a couple of legendaries, most of the goblin teams stopped being a threat.

I say “most” but there is an exception–the goblin teams that have been amped up with all those bonuses, the traits and the kingdom levels, etc. Those are still pretty deadly. But the investment of resources it takes to make those teams is, in fact, greater than what I’ve sunk into my best teams.

Goblins are tough, in my experience, and they will beat you sometimes. But it is never a foregone conclusion if you have a decent team.

Their high attack values are the problem, really, You have to take skulls as a rule, but that means they get their mana going, and while their magic attacks are not strong, their extra turns mean it’s hard to get the initiative back. You kind of have to hope that your bigger attacks come through in time to start killing them off.

The trick to defeating Goblin Teams is to hit hard since you may not get to hit often. Just bumrush them with a Skull Team.


Or target their main mover/damage dealer which is often either the Boar Rider or the Goblin Rocket. I tend to always target the Rider first as that ability to hit for damage and sometimes setup a followup skull match can really hurt.


I usually take out the one with the highest attack value first. Most of the time that’s Hobgoblin, but occasionally Boar Rider or Goblin Rocket…

…or use the team the original poster suggested, which I hear is very effective against any opponents.

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Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that your anti-Goblin attack team is half-Goblin too? :wink:
Surely that’s just a technical quibble (j/k)

True dat.

But it is BETTER than a goblin team, because it can chain itself into endless additional turns (as I mentioned, about 25% of the time my opponent never gets a turn.)

Anyway, I’m not part of the goblin-proliferation problem. Though this team is an offensive dynamo, it does not defend well. You would not pass up a battle with me because of my two goblins. And you would be right. I get a lot of defends, which is fine with me.

It is actually offensive for a different reason in particular.