Early game PVP team vs high level teams suggestions?

I’m not new to the game, but I haven’t played really for a couple years. I’m getting back into it, and I’m level 93. I see a LOT has changed and am excited to dig into the new features.

I’m looking for an early game team that can hold its on against the 2nd and 3rd tiers of PVP. Especially the 3rd. I’ve got about a 70% win ratio with the middle tier, but I flat out get annihilated by the 3rd tier, which is usually a deck of mythics and legendaries. For me, the deck scores of the 3rd tier are usually between 6000 and 11,000.

I found this thread which peaked my interest:

Here @IronyMan suggests Ogre, Boar Rider, Goblin Rocket, and Alchemist. I was surprised to hear a group with Ogre could be effective against 3rd tier PVP.

This really got me wondering if an early game team could really be effective against the higher level teams, and if so, what other teams than what he listed would be strong enough?

About @IronyMan 's team. I was surprised to hear that Ogre would be effective in any group. What would be a good replacement? Also, I have all the characters except Goblin Rocket. What would be a good replacement?

I don’t really have any traits. When I stopped playing that hadn’t been implemented, so looking to build a team and a strategy that will let me be effective against the higher levels while I build them out. Suggestions on the whole strategy appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not sure if that is still a good team or not. After listing it, two of the troops got nerfed, which greatly reduced the team’s effectiveness. Also, there have been MANY new troops added since then, and I’m not sure it is still a good low-level team. Ogre especially is no longer the best troop for its slot. What the team (as designed) needs is a blue troop in that position. I think Khopeshi, Serpent or Wraith may be better.

I stopped playing that team at about level 150, which was over two years ago. I have since quit the game completely. The evolving changes finally produced a game I no longer enjoyed. I was level 950 when I quit, so I had put a lot of time into it. I miss some of it, but not the feeling of having to log in to a game every day or lose resources.

You might be able to build a team around Ranger, or Rowanne + Clockwork Sphinx + Golden Cog, or Tesla + Dwarven Gate + maybe Valkyrie, or Sunbird. Probably too soon to build a good doomskull team.

Telsa is a Legendary you probably don’t have yet, but Ranger is only rare and I think Rowanne is a quest reward. If you don’t have the cog yet you can still try a Rowanne team if you have the sphinx. The cog will come to you naturally.

Goblins will always be pretty good beause of their extra turn and some board control.

Nobend Brothers
Princess Fizzbang
Q Grapplepot
Goblin Rocket

Can work very well together. May take some time to learn which banner and casting order works for you, to try and minimise chance of losing your turn.

If you don’t have grapplepot, goblin or a second goblin rocket can fit in.