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Incorrect guild wars total score causing us to drop a bracket

[Please check the known issues list before posting a bug](https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/3-5-known-issues-pc-mobile/41214.

Platform, device version and operating system
PC windows 10

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was expecting my guild wars points to be correct, it is incorrect

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
have not really checked it this closely before

Steps to make it happen again

So our guild wars score is wrong. Adding up our individual scores shows it should be 1,376,109 We were only 800 points behind the 37th ranked guild. This glitch is going to cause us to drop a bracket. Can we get this corrected before the next guild wars? Was not sure if i should post this here, or submit a ticket, so i did both ticket # 64331

I yelled at a guy, told him it was his fault we are dropping a bracket. kicked him from my guild. Maybe we shouldn’t actually be dropping a bracket. (still would have kicked from the guild anyway)

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To be honest, you should edit out the part where you kick somebody from the guild. That doesn’t make you stand in the best possible light. I am not trying to be funny.


This a recruitment thread?! Cause, sign me up!! :upside_down_face:


You are not trying to be funny, yet i laughed. If people do not meet expectations, they get removed from the guild. Between my three guilds, i removed 5 people this week all people that did not meet my really low expectations… I do not give out participation trophies. If that makes me look like a big jerkface, I am okay with that. Thank you for trying to protect my reputation?

Did you have anything relevant to the main topic of the post? In case you missed it, our total guild wars score appears to be incorrect


On a wild guess, did anyone in your guild play battles right at the end? Possible starting before the deadline and ending after the deadline? I could imagine that the weekly total score is taken at the deadline, while battles finished after the deadline still contribute to the personal score.


That is a possibility. I am in bed at that time but I know we got a few people that play around that time of day/night. If they were able to do their matches, and their scores show up on the results page, they should count.

This is the first time we have seen this happen though. I am sure there have been other weeks people finish up at the last minute.

Yeah my understanding is late results still contribute to the total score, they just won’t reverse a yesterday’s loss to a win. If the match was played after GW ended somehow, it shouldn’t be displayed at all.

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Which essentially calls for the pet event treatment, if it’s past the weekly deadline when finishing the match some kind of “sorry, too late” info should show up. There’s no way to actually let late results count for the weekly total guild score, the server has to tally up matches at some point, the client can technically delay indefinitely.

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If I was a betting man, I would bet this is the most likely cause. It would be nice to know for sure though. Hopefully one of the devs can look at things and figure out why the scores do not match. If it is the cause it should defenitly get treated like the pet thing, and the scores should not be reflected in the roster.

Hi, I’m the HomeBound “scribe”
(i.e. @fishinia’s chore boy :grin:)

It’s a good guess, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the case here.
We get our guild data from taransworld.com but I also take screenshots each week.

Taransworld.com does their final pre-reset ‘scrape’ about 15 minutes before reset. Last week I did the screenshots about 5-10 minutes before reset.

Both the taransworld data and my screenshots show the result Fishinia is asking about-- in other words the disconnect between our individual scores and the guild total already existed 10-15 minutes before the reset.

In doing our guild tracker I also cross-check the data. It’s quite easy: enter the individual scores, then sum them up. Does the total match the reported guild total? It always does… until last week.


See this is why i keep you around :stuck_out_tongue: I need you to point out simple stuff like that for me haha. SO, definitely not because of a late match then.

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Always happy to help, Chief :pig:

So I had submitted a ticket to support got an email verification and everything, but not seeing it in the my activities on the support sigh?


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Looks to me like they don’t add the ticket until they have “responded” and “categorized” it in “3-5 days” so we’ll have to chill a bit.

Lucky for us GW is only every 3 weeks now!

pretty sure they won’t change the score or keep your guild in the bracket. they’ll send you some gems/glory/gold to compensate though

Hey Fishinia

I’ve checked in with a few members of the team regarding the Zendesk My Acitvities issue, and no major changes have been made to Support or the help center that might have affect this. So I’m following up with Zendesk Support right now. :slight_smile:

We usually respond much sooner than that! This is a bug, orrrr I’ve changed something in the Zendesk backend, orrr our Zendesk has gone funny when we moved to a new bundle just recently. :frowning:

Your tickets should always display here as soon as they’ve been submitted. It should also show you your previous submitted tickets that are closed (for your reference - it’s good to know!)

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Since ages there are mistakes between:

  • the score by members
  • the daily score
  • the weekly score

For example, for last week I have 2k pts difference between our weekly score and the sum of the daily scores…

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ve looked into it and there was a discrepency between the Guild Wars score total and the actual guild wars points earned by members.

We’ve fixed the issue so it won’t happen again.

Unfortunately, this issue has been present for more than one Guild Wars and has affected all guilds. We’ve decided that the least disruptive way to solve the issue is to ensure it doesn’t happen again and to leave the current Guild Wars rankings as they are, allowing Guilds to move up and down brackets as the current scores prescribe.

As all Guilds have been affected by this issue equally we feel this is the fairest, least disruptive way to solve this issue.


Wow did he yell back. Probably not one guys fault unless he is the janitor. Everyone always blames the janitor/ :wink:

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I think there should be compensation. May I suggest 2 gold…seems fair.