:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

Reply today! Fight the next guild war in a top bracket and don’t miss out on all those early christmas resources.
We always hit all guild tasks on monday and manage to complete many many legendary tasks.
Read up on succesful teams in our discord channel and try not to laugh about our crazy talk.
Join the fun!

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Hello sailors!
Throw your anchor and join our crew. :anchor:

We have pet notification and chat on discord.
Get lots of laughs and have fun playing with awesome team members.
We are a very friendly and helping community.

Still looking for 1-2 active ones.
Reply here or sent Hoop a PM.

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Still looking for 1 or 2 more to join a great bunch of active players…:smiley:

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Active Impervious guild member here. I joined a month ago and it’s been great! The guild is resource rich (lots of legendary tasks completed) and it has allowed me to strengthen my deck and kingdoms tremendously.
Discord chat is active and fun! Join up and help us, help you :wink:

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Still looking for 1-2 active Players.
Contact Hoop or reply here. :wink:

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Level 1204
1500 seals
300+ trophies
700k Gold

Please send me an invite. I’d be happy to join.

Txtaz88 is the invite code. Sorry I misstyped.

Ok thanks. Looking forward to joining.

I wana join

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hello im lvl 1100+ atm lookin 4 a top 25 active guild . i easily contribute 900+k /wk max seals by wednesday and around 200-400 trophies, still learning the guild wars aspect . 20-25k player atm , should greatly improve over a few weeks . willin to try any tips to boost score .


Would like to join
Level almost 1100
800k gold 1500 seals 350 trophies on avrage
All kingdom level 10 and got most troops in game

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Hi, I’m level 1047, can do all of the requirements (300+ trophies, 600k-1mil gold). I’d like to join if discord is optional, I left my previous guild because they made it a requirement.

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Still looking for 1-2 active and social Players before reset :wink:

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I’ve removed the off-topic posts. Please do not hijack recruitment threads.

Thank you everyone for your consideration.


Reap all those resources, forth coming. Join before reset.


Looking for a couple active players. Come join the fun


Still looking for 1-2 active and social Players

From our members we require (minimum):
Active participation in Guild Wars (30 battles a week)
500K+ Gold (on Monday asap after reset)
300+ Trophies
1500 Seals (by Sunday Daily Login Time - 8am gmt+0)
Level 200+

Big plus but not a requirement:
Will to use free sigils in other guild events

We are at bracket 3 in GW and did over 20 legendary tasks last week.

If you want to join, please let us know here or send me a PM about your:

Invite Code
Amount of Seals you do weekly
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week

:rocket: :rocket: :cake: :dancing_women:

Hey id like join in your guild. The requirement it isnt a problem for me. My invite code is: SCHU_11H4

Ok I’ll send