:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

just left my guild

sorry invite code is BIGDOG64

Still looking? I’m level 700. Just left my guild as I was only one teaching citadel and contributing. GuarAntee full seals and £400k


Still need 1 more. Please message me or leave a reply here…,…

I have 3 active members looking for a new guild. We are going to disband the one we are in because no one is active. We have the following stats
Newworld24 lvl 290 trophies 1544 we normally get 1500 seals per week unless work is crazy. We give all our gold for the most part to the guild.
Invite code for me is NEWWORLD24_VX7P
the next player is my husband Conan his stats are
Lvl 876 trophies 2212 1500 seals weekly again depending on job. Invite code is CONAN_PZT1
the next player is our best friend and has just started playing.
Modric lvl 96 trophies 468 not as much gold new player. Also strives for 1500 seals his code is MODRIC_0LX2 we want to stay together. I will disband our guild as soon as I know we can join yours. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful day.

Invite me ! good guild !

Invite Code:TANPOPO
Amount of Seals you do weekly:1500 in Tuesday !
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week:500~1,000
ete:all kingdom level 10,have 3 mythic troops ! and 27 legend troops !

Need to leave your guild first. I’ll resend after.

Looking for some new members. How can you not want to join, with this lustrious name for a guild. Bet you will have a great time.

Looking for a great Guild to join? You just found it! Contact Hoop.

My guild has to many leechers/dead or inactive accounts…
I’m an active 900+ level player who can contribute 500k/1500 seals a week, I can contribute close to 300 (prob in low 200’s average)…
Just looking for a more active guild

My code is Yeomir (haven’t left my guild yet)

Belong to a slow, possibly inactive guild? Looking for bigger, better with a whole lot more fun? We are #24 overall and have a bunch of fun. Contact Hoop!

We have an active discord and lots of laughs, while having a great time playing. You really need to check us out. I know YOU will have a good time. Contact Hoop.

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Hey peoples! Get involved before the reset!! Still looking :eyes:

Searching for a jolly fun crew?!
Want to take you game to a new level?
Don’t miss all the fun and drown in pets and resources.

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Hmmm…can’t say much more. Bumpy, bump, bump, bump😁

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Wait a minute, like Auri referenced to, for we are a jolly good guild, we are a jolly good guild, for we are a jolly good guild, that no-one can deny. We have fun😁.


By the way… singing is not mandatory :smile:

You can chat with us in english, french, german and many more languages.

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Join our guild my fellow GOW gamers! Great guild! I joined 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it!