:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

One spot left. Please message me, or leave a reply here…

invite ZINICA , daily player

Hi, what level, and are you ok with our minimums

@Hoop - level 468 - easily can hit requirements. Was previously in a top 50 guild and got away from the game. Been back a few weeks now. Ready to be in a solid guild.

Invite code YURAEL

Want to have a really fun time in a great guild, come join us.

Bump. Come join us for a really great time👍

Hey, hey…Top 25 guild…Lots of Legendary Task completed every week…Here’s your chance to reap some really good resources and have a great time. Come join us :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi, i’m looking for a guild more active than my current one, i’m level 300+, i usually hit max seals in one or two days, i can do over 300 trophies and contribute a million gold at least
all my kingdoms are 10
my invite code is VV//HADES

Love this game and love this guild. Come on and join if you want to experience some real fun and listen to my crazy talk on discord​:zipper_mouth_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Still looking for another. Reply here!!!

Still looking. Message me, or reply here…

Still soliciting members. Come on and join!

Sent you a message with my details.

Invitation open for several who would like to join a really enjoyable guild. Come on and have some fun with us. :+1:

Hi there. I would be interested. I am level 677, 500k gold, 1500 seals and about 100 trophies. My invite code is LANCEPEPPLER_GBRP. Thanks

You need to leave current guild first

Still looking for a couple more. Please message me, or leave a reply here…

i’m level 1170 and my contributions are 1000000 gold,1500 seals and 300 trophies. let me know if interested i’m leaving my guild on sunday morning

Your in if you want

sure i can leave my guild right now my invite code is bigdog64