TOP 20 Guild “Impervious Basterds” looking for members to JOIN US at the La Louisiane Tavern! 💀 [29/30]

Aloha! :skull:

We’re TOP 20 Guild “Impervious Basterds”. We’re looking for members, just like you, to join us at the La Louisiane Tavern and stand by our side!

What we can give you, if you’ll join us:

  • 40K Seals (6th lvl Guild chests)
  • All tasks completed + multiple Legendary tasks
  • Guild Wars with great guild
  • Super friendly and helpful ingame chats
  • Very active Discord server
  • TOP 20 Guild Wars

Our minimum weekly requirements are:

  • 300+ Trophies
  • 500K+ Gold (on Monday asap after reset)
  • 1500 Seals (by Sunday Daily Login Time - 7am gmt+0)
  • Level 100+

If you want to join, please let me know here or via PM about your:

  • Invite Code
  • Level
  • Amount of Seals you do weekly
  • Amount of trophies you tend to do every week

Gwynhbleidd (Founder)

1 Spot open looking for a new member to join our ranks and join us on our move to the top GW bracket.

New spot opened :slight_smile:

Spot is available now

Spot is still open!

Currently 1 maybe 2 spots are open again.