💀💀 IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS 💀💀 are currently recruiting. [29\30] [Top 25 Guild] JOIN US!


Now recruiting. Message me, or reply here…


Hi! my invite is Slash_7
500K gold = OK
300+T = OK
1500 seals every week = OK
Lvl 1120


Invite sent. Still need another, reply here or message me…


We still have just a few spots open for the right people. Once we get full again we’ll easily break back into the top 20 or even the top 15. Join up while you can and don’t miss the opportunity to play with some of the best players around.


Hey Hoop! Thanks for the invite but when i click on your guild icon, it says ‘‘join on invite only’’ maybe it’s been too long for me to respond. Could you please send it back.


Bumping this up so good players will see this in the forum, One of the best guilds in the game needs you. If you have what it takes join up.


Still looking for another. Reply!!


I truly recommend this guild if you want some competition and friendly guild mates!

Join us and see it yourself :slight_smile:


Looking for 1 more. Please message me, or reply here…


Awesome name! I’d join just because of that if I wasn’t already with Intrim.

Just always wanted to let you guys know.


Thanks. Hopefully someone else feels the same :blush:


We are currently looking for 1 member. Message me or reply here…


invite me…i need a good one…very active all week long


We are an exciting, friendly guild. Top 25 with a lot of support and benefits. If you are looking for tons of fun, come join us.


Still looking for another. Reply Here!!!


Still looking, message me, or reply here…


looking to join. I can do the weekly seals requirement and Guild Wars participation, not quite there on the Gold or Trophies, but I usually get around 250 trophies a week. I am still building my kingdom levels, but working on it! Level 576.


Still looking for one more. Message me, or leave a reply here…


Hoop are you still looking?

What form of communication do you use for the guild? i.e. Discord, Line, etc.


Is there a spot open? Active member level 738. 1500seals/wkly 300k-700k gold contributed wkly. 300-600 trophies. Active pic/mobile gamer.

Current guild is ok but only 4-5 active members and no guild requirements means minimum participation from others. I think with a better guild I’d be able to do the gold no problem. I usually contribute 3-400k but I’ve done as much as 1.5million some weeks.

My invite code is Wick_5