Immortal Legion is recruiting active players for PC / Mobile. We have no minimum donations required. We are a group of chill but dedicated players looking for others to hang out with. Leave your invite code below if you are interested.

*Recruiting is closed for now, if you want to be placed on a waiting list, please send your invite code to me in a private message. I will contact you as space becomes available.

Edit for current stats
Level: 54
Rank: 290
League: Champion (100% bonus)
Bonsues: +25/24 to all

Level: 19
Rank: 862
League: Platinum I (next level within a day or two) (60% bonus)
Bonuses: +7/+6 to all



My name is Old Stinky and I’m here to say
I’m pretty casual but I play every day
I just leveled up, hit 92
If you know my code, come find me, dudes.



Invite sent! And props given for the poem!



I have 2 accounts, actually, my mobile invite code is RANDO CALRISSIAN. Yes, I play this game entirely too much. But it makes sense to me to have both accounts in the same guild.


Invite sent.



Crap, I forgot to get Rando out of the old guild first. Could I get another invite?


We hit champion rank recently so I am updating our recruitment thread. We have several slots for those interested. We do not have minimum contributions, but our players are active and contribute well. New recruits are welcome regardless of level, a desire to contribute as you can and participate are all that we ask. Leave your invite code below, or message me with it for an invite.

Level: 23
Rank: 642
League: Champion (100% bonus)
Bonuses: +8 to all



I would appreciate an invite (level 48). Invite code DR W. Thanks!


Apologies if I missed you. It says you are currently in a guild though. If you are still interested, just hop out of that one and let me know.



We have room in Immortal legion if anyone is interested in joining. We have recently broken into the top 500 with a continued push forward. No minimum contributions and we have 100% daily bonus as well as +12 to all masteries. If you are interested, leave your invite code below, or message me.



Hello there. My friend and I would like to join your guild. While we are still levelling kingdoms, we can throw in approx 2k / day gold. We both do a fair chunk of PVP and get to rank 1 each week.

My invite code is: YVETTE 3
My friend’s invite code is: ANASTA 1



Invites have been sent thank you for joining and welcome!



Hi there, my invite is DELPHINUS.

Will contribute gold daily and trophies weekly


Hello! It says you are currently in a guild, it won’t let me invite until you leave the current one.

It went through.



We have slots available for anyone interested in joining. Also, if you run a guild and yours simply isn’t taking off, feel free to message me about a merger. We might be able to absorb your core people giving you a more active group to work with.



We are still looking for active recruits. Level and experience are not an issue as we have several people willing to help newer players, and always welcome veteran players and their tenured perspective.

If you are interested for yourself, or your small start up guild, please feel free to send me a message. We can discuss invites and / or guild mergers.



Hey, I’d like to join! My invite code is Nehru


Invite Sent and Welcome!

You should see us as the guild listed farthest left on your guild tab.



We still have some spots available if anyone is interested. If you are running a small guild and tire of the struggle, let me know. We could effect a merger and benefit both of our teams of players.



We have spots available for active players. Come join our team in preparation for the new content!