Immortal Legion Recruiting


Immortal Legion is looking for active players (casual is fine, just looking for daily to every other day activity). This is a guild my wife and I put together. We both play regularly and contribute to guild tasks. We are looking for others willing to do the same.

Level: 10
League: Gold I (1576)
Masteries: Working on +4 to all



Update to recruiting message.

We have added a few more active members. We are still looking for active players who are looking for a growing guild. No quotas, simply looking for active peeps. If you aren’t sure how to join us, leave your gamer tag below and I will throw you an invite (you must leave any current guild first).

Update to guild stats:
Level: 11
League: Gold III (1299)
Masteries: Working on +5 to all



We are still recruiting and still progressing. If you are the only one contributing in your guild, feel free to give ours a try. Don’t feel like those contributions need to be monumental as well. Our members contribute as they can while enjoying the game. For some that is a lot, for others less.

If you are interested feel free to join, or leave your Invite Code below and I can drop you an invite. I have no problem with trial joins either. Stop by for a week or so and see if you like our crew!

Updated Guild Stats:
Level: 13
League: Platinum III (50% bonus) (1164)
Masteries: Working on +5 to all



Enjoying the new update and want to discuss it with peeps? Maybe you are unsure about all the changes and just want a place to experience it with others? Immortal Legion is recruiting. With the changes to the chat tab, following the guild discussion is much easier. Feel free to drop in and hang out with us for a while.



We are still looking for people who need a home. We have plenty of slots available and no contribution requirements so you have time to get your feet under you. The guild is progressing nicely in ranking and we would love some new faces to help bolster that progression (and reap the rewards).

Leave your invite code below if you would like to join.

Updated Guild Stats:
Level: 17
League: Platinum II (55% bonus 2475 Trophies) @ Rank 967
Masteries: Working on +6 to all