Lvl 61+ looking for active guild

I’m looking for an active guild to join I donate as much as possible and earn a lot of trophies but the guilds I join don’t seem to donate or be active, is there any spots available for a decent guild.

name : lunatic1986

Crit happens is an active guild with 19+ on all masteries. we are a laid back. will send you an invite once you are out of your current guild

You would be welcome in Immortal Legion. We are rank 432 and climbing. We have + 12 to all masteries and 100% daily bonus. Once you have left your current guild I can process an invite for you if you like.


I do like the sound of that @ immortal legion have left my guild

my invite code is LUNATIC1986

Invite has been sent, thank you for joining and welcome!


Hi Lunatic.

Blockbusters is currently looking for 4 people to fill the roster. For information on our guild follow this link: Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week).