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I think it lied

Just saying…

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See I replied. :smiling_imp:

I thought this was a thread about cake.



Silly HK. Cake never lies!

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Good grief I don’t think anything will help that Verdugo!


I can’t seem to delete this thread. There’s already a post about it.
Feel free to X this.

How old is the cake is a lie meme, is it too old to use How old does a meme have to be before it is too old to use?

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memes never get old, they resurrect like a phoenix
temporary overuse is another story
i thik you are safe to cake on if this moves to offtopic or some place :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well it was a post just to ask about the notice. It was not a game glitch so I didn’t think to look in the support thread. It’s not exactly off topic bit needs to be deleted because it duplicates.

ive got this notice a dozen of times past 2 days, weird

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