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Easter Bunny! (yes a tad late but wasn't going to upload here)

I ended up doing this for my family over Easter. I have included the original image it was done from, the hand repainted image, and a image with Happy Easter on it. (If its hard to view any of the images click to enlarge)


Repaint of bunny

Repaint of bunny with ‘Happy Easter’ text

Then just being silly for the mug thread and put it to a mug


Pinging @sheba


Ermahgerd it’s so cute!:heart_eyes::rabbit: I bet your family was really happy! And what a splendid mug, too! (Also I am very happy that other people make bunny threads now. Heck, I don’t even play GoW much anymore, I’m just on this forum for the bunnies.:blush:)

Thanks for the excellent ping, @Jainus!:hearts:


@Sheba You would play if it was Bunnies of War -nods a lot- The image was actually put to a card and sent out. I just added it to a mug for the thread to be fun. -heh-

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I totally would! A huge part of me quitting was because the lore ruined the game for me, so if all that would be gone and it would be Bunnies of War, I would play again. …Though honestly, it shouldn’t be “Bunnies of War”. Bunnies don’t do war, they’re too sweet for that and made for cuddles. The game should then be renamed into “Baby Bunny Cuteness Contest” or something like that.:blush:

Yup, I got that, but it would be a fantastic mug!:grin:

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