Really good GoW cosplayers! 🐰


I am not sure what you expected when you clicked on this topic but I sure hope you are amazed. If you guessed right, then that’s even better because you totally should have expected this, actually…
And yes this is totally not belonging into the off-topic section but a gameplay one. Wasn’t sure about “community content”, though, so I put it in the general one.
It’s okay either way because bunnies are okay everywhere.:blush:

Cosplay 1: Bunnicorn
0cffa-image09222010180055 index Unicorn-Bunny-Fashion-Rabbit-L2018 unicorn%20rabbit%20Nathan%20Halicki

Cosplay 2: Hare-o-Plane
Wally-the-Angora-Rabbit-With-His-Fluffy-Ears-Is-the-Cutest-Ever-01 ht_bunny_1_kab_150602_4x3_608 LTGtrXoB8ESEN5-40PYj_WallyandSuki4 wally1

Cosplay 3: Lapina Knight (Bunnies can’t really wear armor, don’t judge, they tried!)
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Cosplay 4: Trickster (One of them was bold and tried a different color!)
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Cosplay 5: Luna (This one was also really hard for bunnies!)
8-outlandish-pet-costumes-for-furry-friends-webecoist-costumes-for-pet-bunnies-l-8464b44eed40390f 53944dc243aa1af9518a6136c0a46fe0 fe77ad9b09359fbf9c58453add1ac8a5
And here’s a youtube link to two cute baby bunnies playing dress-up.


This is lovely. Thank you so much!


This is pretty neat, I like :slight_smile:



I am sad I only have one “like” that I can give this.


As of late i hadn’t acquired some pictures of bunnies, and i fear i only have this cosplay of a cloud:


As a pup, my dog was always tuckered out from cosplaying as Arctic Fox. :slightly_smiling_face:


:rabbit2: :rabbit: This is an absolutely incredible thread. Thank you for lighting up my day! :rabbit: :rabbit2:



Also I’ve never seen someone Cosplay Gems before in human form :frowning: I would totally do it but I can’t craft and wouldn’t have the time


Time for self-improvement? :laughing::rofl::wink:


I know I was disappointed when I googled gems cosplay no not see some chicks dressed as mab or something, kinda like when I googled gems memes and found nothing, so I started making them