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I quite like the new harder game

Since Unity came to mobile, my win rate in PVP and Guild Wars is down. Way down. in fact, my win rate in defence is now higher than in attack.

You know what? I love it. Easy games are boring, and j frequently go in to PVP with a sub-optimal team just for the joy of working our if I can win.

I just lost a game against Justice League. Could have gone either way, ended with my Webspinner vs their Valkyrie. They got the lucky cascade, game over. But boy, was it fun. Haven’t enjoyed the game this month since the very early days.


You are not alone, brudda! :slight_smile:

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The problem/concern/issue is that for every game where you go in WANTING a challenge and getting exactly that, there are 2-3 instances of players going in with a dominant team:


And getting loop killed on turn 1 by a Justice League Team. This should not happen, and NEVER happened before the Unity merge on PC/Mobile. This DID happen to me yesterday and it almost made me rage quit. I didn’t want a challenge, I wanted to wipe the board with my well crafted Loop Team of DEATH. AI was not any smarter than me, they literally just got cascades that denied me a turn… that is ZERO fun. :frowning:


I like the more efficient ai and the lack of skull baiting reliance. I loathe the faster mana generation and overwhelming superiority of gem match traits under new glob calculations and impervious being broke…and dwarfs…

Short ugly bearded freaks can’t tell gender they all look alike and why in gods name can’t the be eaten they are small and crunchy and breed faster than rabbits oh for Pete’s sake remove devour immunity from fortitude and make haste removing these vile cavern dwelling abominable wreches from our scope of vision…and they smell.


I think you’re in the minority but even of the people that want a harder game, I think we can all agree that the answer to making a game more difficult is not to make it heavier on RNG.


So much this.

The AI getting a 1-turn loop extravaganza that ends in a team wipe is not a “smarter” AI or a challenge. It’s heavier luck-based games caused by an admitted bug. That isn’t even factoring in the impervious bug and the rest.


Lowering player win rates by decreasing the depth of the game does not equate to higher difficulty. The rush you are describing here is how your brain interacts with the unpredictability of a situation beyond your control with an unexpected favorable result. Basically, gambling. Difficulty doesn’t even enter into the picture.


Well, you must build as safe teams as possible now, cuz you know that Al can get lucky as humans with cascades. Giving Al that one more turn can be catastrophic, so yeah the game is harder than before, because you cant relay on the skull baits anymore. The game is better like this. Before it was a 100% win before even entering the matches, it was barely a game. I prefer how it is now even if the cascades is even for both human and CPU. At least it is more like a game, all credits for the devs that putting the game in the right direction.

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it also limit the game to a very limited set of cards. even more limited than before.


@Eika you really don’t seem to get why people don’t like it, just doesn’t click with you.

The old console AI was the best, no skull baiting and no magic cascades. I remember it like it was 2016.


The difference is that the game is a lot less “puzzle” and a lot more “luck” now. I like puzzle games, but if I want to play a luck game I’ll go to a casino.

There is less strategy now. You can scout your opponent and build a perfect counter team, but the AI can match-3 and proceed to get a chain of cascades to fill the entire team, which allows it to kill your team without recourse. That isn’t strategy. That isn’t difficulty. It’s luck. The coin toss landed in the AI’s favor, so the AI gets the win.

There are also more subtle differences. I’ve noticed that if I get the AI down to 1-2 troops, the AI’s luck factor seems to increase dramatically. It gets mana faster, fills its troops faster, and its casting speed increases noticeably. If I get down to 1-2 troops, I often find myself starved for mana and can go multiple turns without being able to make a useful match, to the point where if I wind up down to 1-2 troops I already consider the match a loss.

No amount of strategy can overcome bad luck. That’s why a lot of people are so angry.

Difficulty is fine if it’s true difficulty. LUCK IS NOT DIFFICULTY.

I don’t mind losing a match, especially if I can see where I missed one or more key moves, or determine that there’s a way I could have somehow improved my play.

Prior to Unity this was a puzzle game. Now it’s a glorified coin toss combined with a forcibly-lowered win rate for players.


I can guarantee you that I see it all, I play this game quite a bit. On the matter I had 3 straight losses in Guild Wars today, for the first time ever. Some was bad luck, some was not. But I rather want a CPU that can challenge me sometimes, than a dead CPU. If you have problems to accept my opinion, that’s your buisness.

It is just sad to see another one of the few positive threads we had get covered with negativity all over it, again. We already have 47 threads about that, l was hoping that people could leave this alone. I was obviously hoping for far too much.


as of this moment, on pc, there is one person with almost 300 wins and 500 losses on the leaderboard. also one with with around 350 win/350 loss. i don’t know how they endure it, but it is something. i really can’t comprehend it. but they exist.

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To be fair, a positive thread about the thing everyone else is being vocally negative about is throwing meat to the wolves.


Thats for sure. :wink:

That was my fear when I started this topic. Too much negativity.

I love this game. For me, the most recent changes are good. Yes, there’s an element of RNG. But - hey - I like that.

I play backgammon. Monopoly too. Dice are RNG. But in the long run, the best player tends to win most of the time. So it goes with Gems of War.


It is a fine line. Too much random and more rational people are unhappy. Too little random and it turns into chess. Got to keep the balance. IMHO, now, there is not enough rational element in higher ranks of PvP. There is nothing wrong with AI winning but the players should not feel helpless. Also, it does not seem right when developers can tweak the economy with some mysterious “luck” sliders.

I find it still manageable but occasionally too frustrating and silly coin toss. Not really harder, AI is not very intelligent, just streaky slot machine fits the description of current meta better.


That makes sense to me. I’m mid-game (level 650ish) and I see a fairly good variety of opponents in PVP. I understand end-game players see less variety.



I’m always amazed when people are surprised that people on both sides of a debate post in any given thread. It doesn’t matter if the thread is so called “positive” or “negative”. In every single thread on this topic, you will see people that love and hate the update. That’s just how open forums work after all. It isn’t an enforced echo chamber.


I was hoping for far too much, as I said earlier. I should had known better, because this tsunami is quite huge.

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