I need to join an Active Guild

Know any high ranking active guild, looking for an active player… Im looking to change guild

Depends on which platform your are on and what you consider high ranking and active. If it’s PC/Mobile The Golden Keep might have a spot for you. Discord link: The Golden Keep.

You’ll likely get more responses if you edit your post to include:

  • what platform you are playing on
  • your level
  • how much gold, seals and trophies you can contribute every week
  • whether or not you are interested in playing Guild Wars (and if so what GW experience you have)
  • whether or not you are willing to use Discord to communicate with the guild

If you play on PC/Mobile and use Discord you might want to visit Black Dragon Court (BDC), a family of guilds with something to suit all levels of player. You can find out more in this post Black Dragon Court (BDC) or come to our Discord for a chat Black Dragon Court.


Of you’re on steam/mobile, and like GW, then my sister guild - DruidsGlade - would have a spot for you.

We also have DruidsAvengers, the guild I run, that is looking for a new player for after this week.

Slightly lower but also very active.

Both guilds finish all events, and run a gold week during GW where we finish as many LTs as we can.

Check us out at on our discord where we also share a lot of tips and info and general chat about the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

I send a DM as well, but check out the SONS of ANARCHY #1 , SONS of CHAOS #49 and SONS of GUNS almost in top 100, all 3 are recruiting - Guild Chat / Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile) - Gems of War | Forums for our combined family recruitment.

hello go to l’ORDRE DU CHAOS
contact thetotem31 is the GM