I need Purple Deeds/Books, Event Keys do not help

Are Purple Deeds or Books in event chests?
Could I use 1 billion event keys and not upgrade my kingdom because the troop isn’t released yet?
Is this a bug or a 100% an intended worthless offer?
We’ll see.

P.S. How much are Event Chests if you use gems instead of keys?
I feel like it’s 15 gems (which makes the “deal” a ripoff).
Or it’s 25 gems and worthless because of it.
If Event chests are 50 gems then I approve of the deal but I don’t approve of the bug or the possible lack of knowledge on what helps Kingdoms upgrade.


Data gathering suggests that they “wallpapered” over the nonsensical/broken high KP kingdom track offers by simply setting a fixed chance for the middle slot to be medals or deeds regardless of where you were on the kingdom track (previously, you would only get an “off track” offer if you were at least almost done with kingdom track offers).

Meaning that:

  • The single event key offer when being blocked by deeds is still there, and will repeat ad nauseum, but probably less often than before
  • The “more copies of troops you don’t need” offer still exists if you are blocked by an elite level troops task
  • The “ingots when you need weapons or forge scrolls” still exists (though the never even explicitly addressed this)
  • Having any of the connected tasks to the above offers uncompleted means that you have a chance of rolling the errant offers those instead of the things that you actually need to get past the bottleneck task which is itself generating the errant offers

HOWEVER, also that:

  • A slot 2 offer replaced by an “off track” offer will either always (or overwhelmingly often) be a medals or deeds offer, and this appears to extend to arena generated offers that would have been kingdom track. This appears to hold true whether it was “randomly” replaced or replaced by being “done” with kingdom track offers
  • This means you’ll get more deeds and medals offers overall, which is sort of what was promised in the patch notes?
  • Everyone, including low progression accounts, will get some amount of random “off track” medals/deeds offers in slot 2 (the targeted kingdom power offer slot), which are often cost prohibitive at that point and supplant what could have been helpful kingdom power progression offers.

So, I originally dubbed the offers that continually repeat while giving you nothing to get past them “purgatory offers” because you are doomed to repeat them forever with no recourse to make them not appear except to proactively dodge them.

Maybe we should call the new situation “cursed offers” because them appearing now takes the place of what appears to be a guaranteed medals or deeds offer (if you had no other kingdom track tasks available)?

Originally reported here: Inappropriate Daily Deals (new ones, after patch 5.7) - #15 by Mithran
(Started as figuring out why random medals/deeds were replacing even correctly targeted progression offers for even low progression accounts, eventually figured the errant offers still existed, bug report was completely ignored, not even the courtesy for a canned “not a bug” response or anything)

Data gather here:


1/3 arena offers since upgrading the kingdom.
And 1/3 daily offers.
Looks like I’ll be bullied into wasting precious purple books because of a bug.

Or in the devs eyes “balance”.