I knew @Sirrian played Farmville :)

What weput on the Internet stays on the Internet
@Sirrian playin Farmville lol

See what happens when you put the servers down


@Sirrian why?! you know the best game is your own so please do not be taken by another game, we love and will try our best to help you kick that nasty farmville habit.



He posted that picture over 6 years ago :confused:

Good job on the stalking though

Wait that means he could be a realy great farmville player at this point.

Kind of like winning Gold at the Special Olympics


@TaliaParks lmao @ stalking :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know you are teasing and that this is a typical Internet thing. That’s cool. But I guarantee if you saw the children, young people, and men and women competing against unbelievable trials and enduring unimaginable hardships, I believe it would stir anyone’s heart to respect and appreciation.

Dang, I am a buzz kill. Sorry. Moving on!

I have not played Farmville but that Avatar is spot on. Look at those wondering eyes… and that little business casual Aussie outfit…


Aha - well to be fair - I posted that while I was Design Director at EA, and judging by the timestamp, I was probably avoiding doing some work :stuck_out_tongue:


I love your sentence on the pic @Sirrian
What the f@$# am i doing.

Sorry if it has been posted before, but what did you design while working for the Great Evil?

So you sold your soul to the devil…

And been able to sell it back!

I wish i could that story! #rocknroll #heavymetal

I worked on Real Racing 3, Spy Mouse & Flight Control Rocket.
Also worked on a couple of unreleased things… all in all, I gotta say that while EA is a bit of a corporate behemoth, and navigating that can be difficult, it was also full of really awesome folks, some of whom jumped ship to join us at Infinity when we re-launched ourselves.


To infinity and beyond !!!
sry couldnt help the pun

@Sirrian Will there ever be an expanded universe to Gems of War: Farms of War? Or maybe just KrystaraVille?