Reach for the Stars

@Sirrian I was pretty surprised you were involved in making that game. You must have been young lol
Played the hell out of it and kicked the cpu’s ass numerous times.
Lots of fun making a big fleet of mkiii battle cruisers and bombarding enemy planets into oblivion.

Sorry to hi-jack but you reminded me of something I posted here when I first joined.


You should see the published game collection in the office.

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Those are just the ones I stashed. Some of the earliest games were on floppy disk. :smiley:

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@Nimhain I could see if you posted pics lol

I Googled / wikipedia Sirian because I was curious what else he did since I rember his Nintendo DS games. I might actually have to find reach for the Stars again to give it another play through.

Maybe we need a sub forum for old people that rember old games lol

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Just because one plays old games, does not make a person “OLD”. :stuck_out_tongue:


The opposite actually. Playing games makes one YOUNG. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing before or after Super Mario World is all that important!

No one that hasn’t beaten Akalabeth.

the next minigames inside Krystara.


I actually enjoyed that Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Galaga > galaxian > space invaders

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@anon43026234 truxton II > truxton lol

These are the cabinets in the foyer of our office, with some of our favorite old games we worked on (going back to 1989)

…and my Lego AT-AT… I love that thing!


Warlords II. Love it!

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@Sirrian I’d ask for a tour, but I only have a 2 hour lay over in Melbourne as I head to brisbane to propose lol. Long, long trip for a yank like me. And I need her to say yes!


Haha! well, it sounds like you have WAY more important stuff to do than visit a game dev studio! Good luck!

She loves me so much I don’t need luck. But I bought a nice ring just in case lol.


I don’t want to think about all the hours I spent playing Warlords and Warlords II in the early 90’s. You’ve done a lot to save me from skin cancer over the years!