I ghosted so hard that i got the boot!

Apparently i was not posting enough in the time period and lost me regular status. Boo, i guess i was not liking enough stuff too. Drat, guess i am going to get really active cause i love the lounge. Is this in the right area, it is about the forums but not about the game. Oh well, here is hoping right?


I had the same thing happen when I went on break. I think the biggest requirement you might have dropped was the “visited in 50 out of the last 100 days”. Took me 50 days to get mine back. Reading and Liking is important too, but they’re not as strict requirements.

It sucks, i want my status back but i have to earn it so its okay. I wish i know what i messed up on to lose it.


Knowing what the requirements are does not help me know which ones i failed on that easily, i think. How do i check that part.

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EDIT: A “Like” or two would be appreciated, TYVM :wink:


okay okay, you earned my like. Thank you very much.

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