How close to Regular trust level am I?


Is there a way to figure out what i am still lacking to reach trust level 3 regular ?


I think that you have visited enough days. Try and read more threads. :slight_smile:


@Macawi :heart: your Sioux Sorcerer tag :slight_smile:


Ty, but it’s lame, my imagination sucks. :pensive:


@Macawi I imagine you underestimate yourself :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Ps goin way off topic lmao


At least you had enough imagination to make a title, unlike me lol


Just read a bunch of topics, throw around a few likes, post a few meaningful responses to receive likes, you’ve definitely been around long enough. You just need to be a little more active, I’m sure that regular status is right around the corner for you.


It appears you need more likes, received and given. You also need to read more posts. Just scroll past them, that I do with the topics I have no interest in, I click and scroll down


@TaliaParks whats the difference in post and topics? Might be a noob question but im sleepy lol


Post are what people type inside of the topics I believe


Yes @irishfury187 is correct


I’m guessing you might not be on the forums 50% of the days? Because it looks like your summary has everything else.

As for a direct answer, I’m not sure why you haven’t hit it yet.

You can get your summary at


Visit this page to see your activity in the last 90 days:

You can see you have less than 300 in the ‘Viewed’ column (that’s topics), I estimate it needs to be around 400.
Similarly you have about 4.5K in the ‘Read’ column (which is posts), I estimate you need around 8K.

The rest of the requirements seem to have been met, no need to worry about them.


Thank you @yonizaf im out of likes 4 today lol or i would have given you one :wink:


You’re welcome.

Do take note that the page I linked seem to be updated once per day, it does not show whatever you’re doing right away.


Check out my daily @yonizaf lol i thought there math was flawed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You actually did all that today? Looks like you really want to become regular as soon as possible…

Still, the regular badge is also not awarded the moment you fill the requirements, it happens on as set time once a day. Should be sometime in the next few hours (if I’m guessing correctly, it should be 90 minutes from now.)


Can you say… OCD … ;p


Thanks for all the help Mission Accomplished :smiley:


Congrats :smile_cat:

Now, you can contact Nimhain for a custom title.