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How long we should wait for Wisp nerf?

Hey, Game Designer, who made THIS. Are you okay? (fun fact, wisp was “empowered” before release)

Or maybe you have Wisp as your CEO?

Strong spell with Everything…like 3+ units had weird orgia. For 8 mana… (hello sad Sphinx and poor Lamia)

3 strong traits (no shit, like 1 hp for green ally, etc. which rare for this grade)
Stealthy - you can’t even drain them, or something.
Magic link - always good trait, spc. for unit with same type of mana. And ofc. freaking
Swift - usually both wisps filled up after one match.

Lol, and the cherry on the cake - little wisp even have big ATK stat, like some scary big guys.

Someone can adequately explain me, why THIS exist for so long?



Wisp isn’t that big of a problem compare to the rest.
There are much worse meta builds out there.


If someone believes that there are troops that are in greater need of a nerf than wisp then it’s not strange logic at all.

You want Wisp nerfed. Others don’t. Others do, but would prefer the Devs look at other troops first.

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I don’t care about “other” troops in topic about Wisp. This is not “nerf them all” thread.
I just can’t understand, why someone in sober mind can design this kind of unit.

Moreover, “other” troops shine in special setups. Wisp shine by itself.


If you can’t see any perspective other than yours, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. You’re stating your opinion like it’s fact.

Anyway, I think it’s clear that a large part of the community agrees with you based on other threads.

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In my 1st post was a lot of facts about this troop. This is not my subjective opinion.

Are there methods to beat Wisp teams? Yes
Is Wisp overpowered for an ultra-rare troop? Yes
Should he be nerfed in future? Yes


Im sorry but i just dont agree that it needs a nerf. Period. I slam wisp teams around as easily as i do anything else so i dont see the point.

If you nerf wisp it wont be used on defense anymore thus removing one of the few common teams we fight all day

I keep seeing people say… “Same teams all the time! They are easy but boring!”

And those same people want cards nerfed in response. I domt understand that.

If you want variety in defense teams you need to BUFF cards not nerf them!

The more cards that are “op” the more different defense teams people will build which will create variety.

So nerf wisp? Hell no!


It posted elsewhere here many remedy to fight against Wisp. I try some, not all and have no problem. This game need evolve or else get stale. By make hard troop, is opportunity for developer to release better troop in future to fight it. So this way game evolve.

I think in context of guild wars it’s way overpowered: There are some mono color days where there is no good counter but luck!

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Whether or not you can beat Wisp teams has no bearing on whether the troop should be nerfed. A card should be nerfed if it’s objectively stronger than it should be, which Wisp is. Wisp is not only stronger than every other card for the same rarity (Ultra-rare), but it’s arguably stronger than most of the epics, many legendaries, and several mythic troops.

When a card is this far above the power curve, it needs to be brought down, or every other card needs to be brought up.

Another thing is that Wisp is not fun to play against. Even if Wisp were somehow, in some backwards, upside-down universe balanced, it’s still not healthy for the game. Were you around for the goblin meta? If not, you probably encountered Fizzbang, recently. In fact, I would argue that prenerf Fizzbang and Wisp were almost on-par for deserving a nerf.

Can I beat Wisp teams? Yes. Do I think they deserve a nerf based on power? Yes. Do I think they deserve a nerf because they’re not fun to play against? Hell yes.


This is precisely what i am advocating

No, i am a n00b. I just started last week

I think we can agree that it’s less practical to buff ~250 cards[1] (and then have an enormous power division between common/rares and the rest) than it is to nerf a single card…

[1] ~90 URs, ~90 Epics, ~50 Legendaries, ~20 Mythics

Not if you do 1 kingdom at a time

Based on the question in your title. Nerfs have usually been deployed very promptly in the 4-10 month range. I don’t ever recall once having to wait over 10 months.

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Wisp not “Hard troop” and not “OP” (example of “hard” troop - psion, famine, etc). Wisp - Broken troop. THAT the difference. The game will NOT evolve, if there will be 100 broken RNG cards, which can show you everlasting match-show after 1st turn.

I think it should be looked at, and basically, just have Swift removed. The real problem here is that double Wisps are ready after a single purple match at the game start.

BUT, I’d rather they look at the Kraken 3rd trait, which defy any game logic, I also think they should reassess trolls, and I would think hard about Mab, but won’t ever happen since it’s a favorite of the devs and they actually use it to balance cards.

Case in point, I don’t remember which devs , but someone posted that “I have no problem with Wisp when I use my Mab team”

So basically, they consider a troop ok if you can beat it with a broken troop with a unique trait.

Down the line , we all know the problem is double troops. 2 Wisps, 2 Kraken, 2 Kerbs, 2 humility, 2 Famine.
Almost all broken meta use pairs.
And now that we have crafting, there is no reason not to restrict cards.


Yeah this troop is not balanced… but devs like it: the only way to make believe this game is an “hardcore” one is to put some OP troops so players could loose to them… LOL




:rofl: Nice one…