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How do you get victories for classes?

I tried inside/outside of the kingdom PVP, Defense, and running a quest in another kingdom. Is it not implemented yet? PS4 Rank 252 Kingdom Broken Spire Warlord 0 Victories

first you must select that class, then (might be buggy) play any game mode (except TH) and you get wins. you might have to slot him in or something though.

Are you sure that you applied the class to your hero? - as I know others had the same problem.

I watched another individual that was having the same problem, to find that the class was not applied (the button showed ‘Change for Free’). Once selected, the victories began to apply.

The class is applied. According to the wiki the hero does not have to be in your team but I tried with and without and I tried with and without a red weapon. Currently trying the arena.

I also restarted the game after selecting the class.

Just won arena 8 - 0 and still at 0 victories.

Classes don’t apply in Arena.


“Change” to your class dude, and avoid Arena, it’s broken.

Why would you change to it if it’s already selected. When I go into customize under warlord it shows my character as part of that class…

I get what you’re saying to change to the class I’ll try that. But this seems like a bug if you have to do that after selecting it already.

It’s actually been a common problem. A lot of people assumed unlocking the Class equipped it.

When you have any Class equipped there will be a Class icon in the top right corner of the Hero card

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Which can’t be seen when you don’t use a hero to fight. That worked by the way thanks. This should be posted somewhere on the website. For the console people who are new to this.

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Glad to know it’s fixed!

Any fight outside Arena counts, Hero in the team or not.

Do I have to be a member of broken spire?

TH and Arena dont count victories on you hero, only pvp, quest and challengers.

Each hero is related to a kingdom and is the “hero” of that kingdom.

Here, take a look: 1.0.9 Preview Part 1 – Hero Classes

You just have an option to build your Warlord Hero’s team around Broken Spire.

One of the devs posted that Revenge wins don’t count towards class wins either, although I haven’t confirmed myself.

Revenge wins count, I can confirm that.

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Revenge wins count.
Defense wins do NOT.

Ah, that’s what it was. Yeah, I wouldn’t have imagined that wins you don’t actually play to accomplish would count.