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Class question for xbox1

So the new class update hit for the xbox one. How do I get victories to update my class? I’ve tried the quest line and pvp and won but no victories show up (warlord:250victories needed). I haven’t gotten to lvl 10 yet. So what am I missing?

Once a class is unlocked and you chose it, win 250 of any kind of fight to unlock the weapon.

Not sure exactly what your issue is, but I will detail what I did and see what you might be doing differently.

You have to first complete the entire questline to unlock the class. Remember that you have to claim “reward” after you finish all 4 missions before the class will unlock. Then, from the hero menu, you have to scroll over to the class tab and choose your class. After you unlock your first, there should be new dialog prompts to walk you through the process. You can choose a class, and then you must choose to “switch to” that class. After you switch to that class, all victories will count, even if you aren’t playing with your hero. I can confirm after I went through this that my victory count has gone up, so if you are doing all the same things then I can’t help you.

Might I suggest:

Thanks for the response! I hadn’t hit the ‘change’ button so that’s why the victories weren’t counting. D’oh!